Magicka 2 General Tips, Tricks, and Effective Combos

Learn the fastest and most efficient way to complete the action-adventure sequel game, Magicka 2.

Learn the fastest and most efficient way to complete the action-adventure sequel game, Magicka 2.

As players venture through Magicka 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the Steam favorite Magicka, one question that seems to continuously come up is how to speed up the somewhat confusing gameplay. 

Magicka 2 has received mixed reviews for its infamous spell-casting system, which I explained in depth and listed all spells for here. 

However, besides the spell casting, there are many other tips and tricks players can use to make sure they’re using their time efficiently.

Use Your Equipment Wisely

Staying true to many other action games, you will find many different pieces of equipment throughout your adventure.

While it may seem tedious, it’s important to remember that spending a minute or two of your time changing your equipment to fight the situation can mean the difference between winning a fight quickly and easily, and spending far too long trying to stay alive or having to attempt the fight over again. 

What Kind of Equipment are We Talking About?

During the course of Magicka 2, players will find all kinds of weapons that can be used in place of staves and head weapons. It’s also important to note that if you die your items will be dropped and if you fall off the map completely, they will be gone forever.

These pieces of equipment may contain power-ups of some kind, and usually will have special components that can give you the edge in certain fights. 

For example, some items are resistant to certain elements, making fights easier than ever.

Always Capitalize on Your Familiar

In Magicka 2 a familiar is a pet that will follow you around and give you buffs and special abilities. Although only the host player, or player 1, will be able to have a familiar, the effects will be party-wide. 

If you, or any member of your party is about to die, the familiar will sacrifice itself instead. After the fight you can just cast Revive to bring him back to life, meaning the “Game Over” screen essentially should be non-existant. 

Which Familiar Should I Use?

There are 3 seperate familiars available to players, and the most useful tends to be the Pit Demon. The Pit Demon will randomly boost a certain element, making your attacks with thaat element incredibly strong. 

By capitalizing on this in fights, you can deal an insane amount of damage very quickly, especially if he buffs your enemy’s weakness.

If the Pit Demon buffs an element your enemy is resistant to, or strong against, it’s better to just ignore this for the time being.

Countering Elements with Their Opposites

Not only can you cast offensive spells, but you can also use various elements and combinations to imbue your weapon, cast defensive walls, and even create armor for your character that will protect you from certain elements.

You can self-cast spells on to yourself that will create a barrior, or shield, that will block any incoming damage in your way. You can also self-cast armor spells that can protect you and also damage your opponent when you’re struck. 

Another important component to the game to keep in mind is that you’re able to cast resistence auras and literally place a element-based shield in between your character and your opponent. If you use the right elements, you can negate your enemy’s damage and make the fight much easier than you originally anticipated. 

Always Keep Your Ward Out

Building along the idea of countering spells with the opposite elements, you should always make sure to keep these out for every fight. They can also protect against freezing, getting wet, getting burned, etc. 

It’s very helpful to have these out for almost every fight. 

Manually Casting Your Spells

One aspect of the game that some players are unaware of is that manually casting a spell, as opposed to using the hotbar, greatly reduces the cooldown timer.

Instead of using hotbar spells, just manually cast them instead to be able to use more spells much quicker, thus defeating your opponent in a timely fashion.

AOE Spells Are Faster than Single Target

I’m willing to bet that almost every gamer is guilty of spamming AOE (Area of Effect) spells when games start to get too tedious or boring. Hitting more minions at once is always a provocative concept, and in this case it’s a better bet that single target spells. 

Since mobs are usually the same element, strong spells of the opposite element are preferred, and can easily wipe them out. 

Friendly Fire

Although it’s much easier, and takes much less concentration, it’s important to note that friendly fire is in high effect in this game, so players should be careful where they’re casting spells. 

If you accidentally kill a member of your team, your familiar should take the fall for him. After the fight you can cast revive on your familiar and everything should be good to go.

Learn the Most Powerful Spells

Knowing which spells are the fastest, do the most damage, and are just overall the most effective can mean all the difference in Magicka 2.

Since the spell-casting system is incredibly unique, fights can last significantly longer if you’re using inadequate spells, especially if you’re taking too much damage and have to keep restarting fights. 

Check out our complete, comprehensive Magicka 2 spell combination list here to expand your spell casting knowledge and start wiping your enemies faster and easier. 

Onward to Victory!

Now that you’re a Magicka 2 expert, you can venture forth into your adventure with a newfound intelligence. Now you can enjoy this action-game in the most efficient way possible, maximizing your ability to enjoy the game and minimizing any tedious aspects. 

For a full list of spell combinations, you can view our spell guide here. For more information about the game, you can visit the official Magicka 2 website, here, and the steam page here. 

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