Magikarp Jump Friendship Items and Support Pokemon Guide

Check this guide for all the info on support Pokemon and Friendship items in Magikarp Jump!

Check this guide for all the info on support Pokemon and Friendship items in Magikarp Jump!

Magikarp Jump has multiple support Pokemon you can get to help your Magikarp succeed. You can obtain these through Friendship Items. Most of them are in the Diamond shop, so you will have to save up or pay real money — while others are unlocked by completing Leagues.

In this guide, I’m going to go over each Friendship item, what the support Pokemon does, and more so you can decide which to get.

Magikarp Jump Support Pokemon

There are 10 total support Pokemon you can get to help out your Magikarp. You can get 4 just by going through the game, and the other 6 by purchasing their Friendship Items with Diamonds.

Below is a table of each support Pokemon, their item, their ability info, recharge timer, and how to unlock them. 

Pokemon Item Ability Levels Recharge Timer Unlock
Pikachu Light Ball Increases JP by a little  5 1 hour 30 minutes Beat Friend League
Piplup Mystic Water Restores Training Points  3 1 hour 30 minutes Beat Quick League
Meowth Amulet Coin Gives coins  5 2 hour 30 minutes Beat Great League
Bulbasaur Miracle Seed Restores League energy  1 4 hours Beat Luxury League
Charizard  Charcoal Gives 1 random item from the Items shop (excluding Mountain of Coins)  1 12 hours 600 Diamonds
Snorlax Leftovers Gives 10 Food  5 50 minutes 500 Diamonds
Slowpoke Damp Rock Restores a random Support ability  1 12 hours 350 Diamonds
Litten Flame Plate Increases JP more than Pikachu  5 3 hours 30 minutes 250 Diamonds
Rowlet Meadow Plate Gives Coins  5 4 hours 450 Diamonds
Poplio Splash Plate Gives Treasure: Either Diamonds or Coins  1 7 hours 500 Diamonds


Keep in mind that some abilities can be upgraded to higher levels with Support Candy. You can earn support candy by completing certain League battles, achievements, and buying enough food or training upgrades from the shop.

In addition to the above abilities, every Pokemon except Slowpoke, Piplup, and Poplio can randomly appear during a League Battle. When this happens, they can give you either a 5% or 25% JP boost.

That’s all for my guide on Friendship Items and Support Pokemon in Magikarp Jump. Let me know if you have any questions! And if you need more help with the game, be sure to check out our other Magikarp Jump guides: 

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