Magikarp Jump: How to Fish Up a Dratini (Event 32)

How to fish up a Dratini and net event number 32.

How to fish up a Dratini and net event number 32.

Magikarp Jump is full of little easter eggs and events to add to the Event Dex — and fishing up a Dratini is one of them. Reeling one of these babies in nets you random event number 32, “You’re No Magikarp!”. That sounds great until you find out the cost of netting this event.

You can fish up a Dratini when it’s time to pick up your fishing pole at any point in the game. But you need more than a fishing pole to reel in one of the cutest Pokemon in the series — you need Diamonds, and a lot of them.

The big secret to catching a Dratini is to repeatedly toss the Magikarp you catch back in hopes of catching the little guy. How many times? You have to recast your fishing line 5 times to finally get a glimpse of a Dratini and nab that event.

In case you haven’t decided to toss a catch back and take the Diamond hit, it’s important to note that the first recast is a meager 10 Diamonds while every recast after costs 50 Diamonds. That doesn’t just add up quickly — it adds up ridiculously fast.

The total cost of catching a Dratini is 210 Diamonds. That’s right: It costs 210 Diamonds to catch Dratini and log event number 32.

You may really really like Dratini, but do you like it enough to set back your progress in Magikarp Jump?

This is an event best left to sit until after you’ve gotten your preferred Support Pokemon (Charizard or Popplio are your best bets) due to the high cost. A trusty Support Pokemon is a much better investment.

This was not worth 210 Diamonds.

All in all, for your hefty investment of 210 Diamonds, you get event 32 “You’re No Magikarp!”, a single Skill Restore, and a look at a cute little Dratini. Is it worth the cost? If you are a huge Dratini or Magikarp Jump fan, sure. Just be patient and get the event when you can actually afford it.

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