How to get event 31, "Hop, Skip & Whump!" and feed a hungry Pidgeotto in Magikarp Jump.

Magikarp Jump: How to Get Event 31 and Lose Your Magikarp

How to get event 31, "Hop, Skip & Whump!" and feed a hungry Pidgeotto in Magikarp Jump.

No one wants their Magikarp to meet an untimely demise.. right? Well, you can’t quite say that’s the case. Sometimes you just want to toss your Magikarp out and get a new one, and sometimes you just want a new event added to the Event Dex. In this case, that’s random event number 31, “Hop, Skip & Whump!”.

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Out of all the events in Magikarp Jump, the ones where a Pidgeotto snatches your Magikarp away are by far the most tragic and least expected. One of these is the repeatable Event 4, “Out of Nowhere…”, and the other is the elusive event 31.

“Hop, Skip & Whump!” can be easily missed if you’re not all about testing things out — and if you find it by accident chances are you found it at the wrong time. Losing a Magikarp out of nowhere can be devastating, especially if that Magikarp has a great Individual Bonus.

Whether you want to get event 31 or avoid it for now, here’s what the event is and how you can trigger it.

How to Trigger Event 31 in Magikarp Jump

Step 1. Take your Magikarp to the top of the pond

This is self-explanatory. Just swipe up so it’s floating at the top. It looks so peaceful, but danger looms…

Step 2. Make your Magikarp jump out of the water

You can make your Magikarp jump from the water by taking it to the top of the water and tapping it. It seems its jumping power in water isn’t what it is on land, but it gives a good effort.

You don’t have to tap it as many times as you do to break your Magikarp’s Everstone to evolve it into Gyarados for Event 34, but you do need to do it at least 10 times. I believe it took me around 20.

If you’re doing it slowly, you can see Pidgeotto come up on the right side of the screen. You can see the hunger in its beady, hungry eyes.

If you tap while Pidgeotto is hovering above your pond, it will swoop down and grab your Magikarp. Your Magikarp is most certainly doomed to be its next meal.

If you wait a moment when Pidgeotto comes out, it will fly away again. But don’t think tapping your Magikarp to get it to jump is safe — Pidgeotto will quickly swoop down and grab it after just a few jumps. The only way to keep it from getting snatched up is to not have it jump from the water at all.

How people host jumping leagues for their Magikarp without swarms of Pidgeotto hovering around is beyond me, but apparently that’s how that works in Magikarp Jump.

Now You Have Event 31!

You won’t notice that this cold blooded fish-murder is an event right when it happens, but after you’ve lost your friend and had to fish up a replacement you can check the Event Dex. Surely, there it is: Event 31, “Hop, Skip & Whump!”.

You may be tempted to sacrifice less-than-ideal Magikarp in this way to try to avoid spending Diamonds on fishing retries, but unfortunately “Hop, Skip & Whump!” is a one-time only event.

There is one other way to sacrifice your Magikarp to a hungry Pidgeotto, and that is via the common random event “Out of Nowhere…”.

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