Majora’s Mask: Song of Healing & Great Fairy Mask

In which I go over returning Link to his normal self and getting the Great Fairy Mask and the Bomber Notebook.
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If you’ve been following my guides, you’ll have just finished your first fight with the Skull Kid and played the Song of Time to return to the Dawn of the First Day. (If you haven’t read the previous parts, you can find links to them at the bottom of this page.) Congratulations, you have just traveled back in time. Don’t worry, you get used to it, especially in this game.

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At the moment, we’re going to take care of some things that will make the game much easier. But first we’ll be getting Link back to his normal self.

Let’s begin, shall we?

The first thing you’ll want to do is get out your Ocarina and play the Inverted Song of Time. Don’t fret. It’s nothing complicated. In fact, it’s just the Song of Time backwards. It’s incredibly useful, though, as it slows down time which allows you to accomplish a lot more during the three-day time limit.

Now that that’s been taken care of, head through the doors directly behind you. They lead into the Clock Tower where you’ll find the Happy Mask Salesman waiting for you. Now that you’ve got your Ocarina, he’ll teach you the Song of Healing.

Surprise! You’re back to your normal self. And you even got a nifty Deku Mask out of the deal. Using this mask will allow you to switch back to being Deku Scrub Link whenever you feel like it.

Unfortunately, now that the Happy Mask Salesman has held up his side of the bargain, he expects you to keep your promise. In other words, he really wants his mask back…. That would be the mask that you don’t have.

Upon learning that you, in fact, do not have the mask, the Happy Mask Salesman promptly begins to freak out. It’s one of the most disturbing sights in the entire Legend of Zelda series. I’m pretty sure his expression gave me nightmares as a child.

Seriously, tell me that’s not creepy.

He then treats you to a history lesson as he explains the significance of Majora’s Mask. You know, the basic blahblah, it’s evil blahblahh, it was sealed away blahblah… scary legend. One wonders why the Happy Mask Salesman wanted it in the first place. Given his terrifying display earlier, it’s a little worrying.

The rest of the game will now focus on getting the mask back. In order to do so, you have to follow Tael’s instructions to find “the Four.” By doing so, you will also prevent the Moon from completely destroying Clock Town, too. Aren’t you such a nice guy?

Return to Clock Town South and make your way to the Laundry Pool again. It’s through the door at the top of the stairs which are next to the mailbox.

You’re going to do the same thing you did last time you were here: catch the Great Fairy Fragment and bring it back to the Great Fairy Fountain in Clock Town North. You should probably get used to the layout of Clock Town as you’ll be running around it for a while.

Once you’ve gotten the Great Fairy back to her old self, she’ll give you the Great Fairy Mask. Yes, it is the single most disturbing mask you will ever lay eyes on (which is saying something as Kamaro’s Mask is also pretty creepy), but it’s also useful. It will attract Great Fairy Fragments when you’re in dungeons. But oh my god, it’s so creepy.

Again, creepy, right?

Head over to East Clock Town and speak to the Bomber Guard who blocks the entrance to their hideout. Silently thank God (or me) that you recorded your Bomber Code somewhere. If you didn’t, you’re not going to be a very happy camper. Since I recorded mine here on GameSkinny, I know that it’s 43512 for me. This means that I can get into the Observatory when I want to, but it also means that I can get the Bomber Notebook which will record the code for me.

Enter the passageway and immediately exit again. Upon returning to East Clock Town, you will be ambushed by Bombers. Jim is so in awe of you for managing to “guess” the secret code that he’ll make you an official Bomber on the spot. And now you have the Bomber Notebook. It keeps track of a lot, so you’ll probably end up referring to it often throughout the game. It can be easily accessed through the Quest Status section of the game menu.

Now that you’ve got the Bomber Notebook, make your way to South Clock Town.

Across from the entrance to West Clock Town, there is an Owl Statue. Slash it with your sword to activate it. It can now be used as a temporary save point. Pretty handy, huh?

In the next section of this guide, I’ll go over getting Kamaro’s Mask, the Blast Mask, and the Bremen Mask.

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