Majora’s Mask: The Observatory and First Skull Kid Fight

In which I go over your first trip to the observatory, getting the Land Title Deed, and the events leading up to your first trip back in time.

In which I go over your first trip to the observatory, getting the Land Title Deed, and the events leading up to your first trip back in time.

In this section, we’ll go over getting to the observatory, the beginning of a long series of trade quests, your first fight with the Skull Kid, and your first trip back in time. It sounds like a lot, but time moves quickly in this game. So let’s begin!

Your next stop is Clock Town East, so head over there and talk to the Bomber guard. He’ll ask for the code, give it to him, and head down the ramp. Once you’re down in the tunnel, cross the water in the passage on the right by hopping from platform to platform.

Once across, I recommend walking in the shallow water on the left side of the passageway. If you walk on the right, a Giant Skulltula drops down and hits you.

Follow the passage as it turns to the right and enter the chamber beyond. On the wall across from you, there is a ladder with a balloon in front of it. It is framed on either side by torches, and there are two pots next to each torch. Use a bubble blast to pop the balloon blocking your way, and be sure to break the pots to replenish your magic bar and gain a couple of rupees.

Climb the ladder and head through the passage at the top into the Conservatory. Break the pots, bypass the Scarecrow, and climb the stairs. At the top, the astronomer is standing on a platform and looking through a telescope. He mentions the Skull Kid and says he’s probably by the Clock Tower. When prompted, say you’ll look through the telescope. Find the Clock Tower, and zoom in on the Skull Kid who is standing on top of it.

The camera pans up to the, frankly, terrifying face of the moon and shows a fiery object falling from its eye. The astronomer informs you that this is a Moon’s Tear. Head through the door at the base of the platform and out into Termina Field. Directly to your left is the Moon’s Tear. Walk up to it to pick it up. It’s about to become invaluable.

Open your inventory, equip it to one of the C-buttons, and make your way over to South Clock Town. Walk over to the yellow Deku Flower and trigger the cutscene.

An Akindo Nut stops you before you can even touch the flower. See, it’s his. He owns it, and he’s not too fond of sharing. He is, however, okay with selling it…for the right price. Give him your Moon’s Tear, and you’ll become the proud owner of a Land Title Deed. This gives you unlimited use of the Deku Flower. Yay!

This Deku Flower is vital to completing the game. You have to use it in order to reach the entrance to the top of the Clock Tower when it opens at midnight on the Third Day. That is when you will face the Skull Kid. Since it’s not yet the Third Day, though, you’ve got some time to kill. Head over to West Clock Town and turn left. Walk until you see the man in green who is kneeling on a platform. While he seems completely insane, he’s also the only way you have to keep your rupees.

When you get the ocarina and reset time back to the First Day, you lose all your items and money. However, any rupees given to this guy will be recorded, and you can withdraw them whenever you like. Don’t ask me how that works because I have no earthly clue. I just go with it.

Anyway, deposit all your rupees and then head through the door directly across from him. This is the Trading Post. You’re not here to buy anything. How could you, anyway? You just gave some crazy guy all your rupees. Talk to the Scarecrow immediately to your left when you walk in. He’ll ask if you’d like to pass the time by dancing. Say yes, and he’ll dance as the Lost Woods song plays. Each time you dance with him, it will transport you to the next twelve hour marker. Keep doing this until it becomes the Night of the Third Day. It gets a little annoying, I know, but once you get your ocarina, you never have to do this again to pass the time.

Make your way to South Clock Town. Burrow into your Deku Flower and float up to the platform above the door leading into the Clock Tower. There is a Piece of Heart on this platform. After that, it’s just a waiting game. When the clock hits midnight, the Clock Tower transforms, and a passage opens. You can only access it from this platform. There’s a handy timer at the bottom of the screen that counts down the minutes you have until Game Over. Head through the passage, and you’ll meet the Skull Kid. He’s got your ocarina.

Tael, Tatl’s brother, is with him. He gives Link a cryptic message which basically boils down to “Go beat the four dungeons and free the Four Giants so that they can stop the moon from falling and save Clock Town.”

Also, if you couldn’t tell from how close the moon has been getting over the course of the three days, the Skull Kid is trying to bring it down so it will crash into Clock Town. You’re going to stop him from doing that, but not yet.

Right now, just focus on hitting the Skull Kid with a fully charged bubble blast so he’ll drop the ocarina. Extra magic can be found in the pots around you. Pick up the ocarina, and a flashback cut scene will be triggered. You’ll relearn the Song of Time, too. When the cut scene ends, play it, and you will be transported back to the Dawn of the First Day.

In the next installment of this guide, I’ll walk you through turning back into Human Link and your second visit to Clock Town.

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