Majora’s Mask: Three Masks and a Wallet

In which I go over how to get Kamaro's Mask, the Bremen Mask, the Blast Mask, the Big Bomb Bag, and the Adult Wallet.

In which I go over how to get Kamaro's Mask, the Bremen Mask, the Blast Mask, the Big Bomb Bag, and the Adult Wallet.

This section of the guide will get you three more masks and the Adult Wallet.

Make your way to North Clock Town and prepare to wait. If it’s already past 12:30am of the First Day, you’ll want to deposit your rupees in the bank and reset time. If not, then you’re fine. If you’ve got a while, go ahead and play the Inverted Song of Time again to return the flow of time to normal.

While you’re waiting, you have a nice opportunity to collect a Piece of Heart. Run up the center of the ramp (or climb up using the pillars nearby) and get to the platform above it. A nearby tree holds a Piece of Heart. Jump to the pillar in front of it and then jump again to reach the tree. Having another Piece of Heart never hurts.

Hang out until 12:30am. Depending on what time it is, this could be a pretty long wait. A little annoying, but totally worth it.

At precisely 12:30am, the little old lady who runs the Bomb Shop will be mugged by Sakon. Strike him with your sword, and he’ll drop the Bomb Lady’s bag. He’ll escape, but the Bomb Lady is so thrilled that you saved her that she will give you the Blast Mask.

The Blast Mask is one of my all-time favorite masks. It works much like a Bomb, but it’s got a recoil that will injure you. However, if you press R to engage your shield when using the Blast Mask, you take no damage. Is that nice or what?

Rescuing the Bomb Lady also allows you to purchase the larger Bomb Bag from the Bomb Shop starting on the Second Day.

Now that you’ve got the Blast Mask, you should go to East Clock Town. Speak to the guard who protects the passage to Termina Field. If you speak to him as Hylian Link, he’ll see your sword and allow you to leave. As Deku Scrub Link, he’ll write you off as a kid who can’t take care of himself and won’t let you out.

Once out in Termina Field (be sure that it’s between Midnight and 6am), you’ll want to head North. Walk towards the outer wall and follow it as you continue heading North. Eventually, you’ll see a Gossip Stone. Just past it, there will be a man dancing on what looks like a giant mushroom.

This is, in fact, not a man at all. He’s a ghost. Yup. Ghost. And not just any ghost. He’s the ghost of Kamaro, the man who wanted to choreograph a dance that would be famous around the world. Yeah. Come on, guys, this is Zelda, what did you expect?

Speak to Kamaro, and he’ll share his sad story with you. Play him the Song of Healing, and his spirit will become Kamaro’s Mask. Now make your way over to West Clock Town. There, you will find the Rosa Sisters dancing. (If they’re not there, then you need to wait for 6pm to roll around again.) Put on Kamaro’s Mask and press B to dance for them and teach them the steps.

In return, they will give you a Piece of Heart.

Now get over to the Laundry Pool to get yet another mask. Guru-Guru (the Circus musician) will be there from 6pm to 6am on the First and Second Days. Speak to him to hear his story and get the Bremen Mask. You don’t need it at this point in the game, but it will come in handy later.

Make your way to the Bomber’s Hideout.

This time, instead of going straight like you would to get to the Observatory, take the tunnel to the left. But hug the wall once you’re in the water. A Giant Skulltula will drop down from the ceiling, but he’ll miss you if you’re against the wall.

Near the end of the tunnel, there will be an alcove on your left. In this alcove, there’s a cracked wall that can be destroyed with the Blast Mask. Equip it, hold R, and press B to explode when you’re right up against it. Behind this wall is a chest which contains a Silver Rupee. Silver Rupees are worth 100 rupees. However, as you have a Child’s Wallet, you max out at 99.

You only need 90 rupees, though, to purchase the Big Bomb Bag. Head over to West Clock Town.

The Bomb Shop is accessed through the door which (surprise, surprise) has a picture of a Bomb next to it.

Talk to the Shopkeeper and purchase the Big Bomb Bag. Return to West Clock Town and deposit your remaining 9 rupees. In order to get the Adult Wallet, you need to deposit 200 rupees. The easiest way to go about doing this is simply repeating what you’ve just done.

Play the Song of Time to reset time. Then use the Blast Mask to break the cracked wall in the Bomber Hideout, get the Silver Rupee, and deposit your 99 rupees in the bank before resetting time and doing it all over again.

If you can deposit 5,000 rupees, you’ll get a Piece of Heart. Rather than doing this all in one go, like some guides suggest, I recommend grabbing the silver rupee whenever you’ve got the time and always depositing your rupees whenever you are going to reset time. It’ll all add up eventually, and you’ll get that Piece of Heart. But for now, getting the Adult Wallet is what’s really important.

Play the Song of Time, and return to the Dawn of the First Day.

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