Majora’s Mask: Woods of Mystery, First Bottle, and Pictograph Box

In which I begin a walkthrough of the Southern Swamp.

In which I begin a walkthrough of the Southern Swamp.

Follow the steps to get the Land Title Deed. Make your way to the Observatory, look in the telescope, and watch the Moon’s Tear fall. Then go outside and pick it up. Then walk over to South Clock Town and trade the Moon’s Tear to the Akindo Nut for the Land Title Deed. Get used to this process. You’ll be doing it a lot throughout the game. Oh, Chain of Deals trope.

Head out of Clock Town via the exit in South Clock Town. Continue heading south. There will be a short cutscene that is triggered as you reach a tree with a drawing on it.

When the cutscene is over, proceed through the passage behind the tree. Follow this path, shoot down Tingle, and buy a map of Woodfall for 20 rupees. Continue on past Tingle and into the Southern Swamp.

Slash the Owl Statue on the right side of the hut, then cross the bridge and climb the ladder. Speak to the Akindo Nut and trade your Land Title Deed for his Swamp Title Deed. Use the Deku Flower to pop up on top of the hut and collect a Piece of Heart.

As Deku Link, hop across the water, using the lily pads as resting points, until you reach a bank. There will be a wooden archway and a smoking pot outside of it. Follow this passageway until you reach another hut.

Ignore the hut for now. You’ll come back to it later. For now, head through the opening to the north.

There will be a Monkey waiting for you. Speak to him, and he will lead you through the Woods of Mystery in a special pattern. Do not lose track of him, and be careful as there are Snappers (spiky, spinning turtles) that will attack you as you progress.

The Monkey’s pattern changes from day to day, so consult the map to see the route he will take. If you know the route, you won’t have to worry about keeping track of the Monkey.

If you’re familiar with Ocarina of Time, you will probably recognize the figure lying on the ground in the final clearing. Koume and Kotake were not exactly friendly in the previous game. In fact, they were the bosses of the Spirit Temple and melded together to form Twinrova. In Majora’s Mask, however, they are merely sisters who own the Magic Hags’ Potion Shop. Said potion shop is located in the hut I told you to ignore earlier. Koume was attacked by the Skull Kid, and she’ll need a potion to recover. Make your way back there to speak to Kotake. You can leave through any of the tunnels with signs in front of them to be transported directly to the entrance of the Woods of Mystery.

Kotake will freak out when she hears about Koume and will send you off with a potion in your brand new bottle. As any Zelda fan can tell you, bottles are invaluable in this series. Make your way back to Koume.

In a surprising feat of strength for someone who was previously unable to move, Koume will jump up and snatch the potion out of your hands. Bam! She’s cured. And she’s grateful. So grateful, in fact, that she offers you a free boat tour of the Southern Swamp. Not bad, huh?

When you leave the Woods of Mystery, the Monkeys from earlier will ambush you. They need your help to save their brother who is being held captive at the Deku Palace.

Make your way back to the first hut (the one where you met the Akindo Nut earlier), and enter it.

See the burly man behind the counter to your left? This, ladies and gentlemen, is Tingle’s father. I’ll give you a minute to soak that in.

No, I’m not kidding. He’s actually Tingle’s father. A little disturbing, no?

Anyway, go up to the window on the other side of the room. Koume is here, and she will give you your free boat ride and the Pictograph Box. You will be prompted to take pictures, but it’s really not worth it. You’re not going to see anything special.

Get off the boat at its first stop, and you’ll find yourself at the Deku Palace.

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