Mario Golf World Tour Guide: Putting Tips

Master your putt game with this Mario Golf World Tour putting guide!
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Mario Golf World Tour lets you live out your golf dreams from the comfort of your 3DS. Like previous Mario Golf titles, you get to play as some of your favorite characters in the series. You also get to play as your Mii and play Castle Club.

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Castle Club is a mode where you use your Mii to compete in championships, get gear, hone your skills, and more. One thing available in this mode is a practice area. You can practice your drive, approach, and putt game. Putting, especially from long distances is tricky. I’ll give out some tips to make putting a little easier and you’ll be getting Birdies or better every time.

This guide will cover tips on putting including:

  • Basic Putting Tips – Lining up the putt and how weather/slopes affect it.
  • Mid/Long-Range Putting – Tips for Mid/Long-range.
Basic Putting Tips

I won’t pretend to know how to golf in real life, but Mario Golf makes me believe I’m an expert golfer. One part of being an expert golfer is mastering the putting game.

I’m sure most of us have played mini-golf right? Same thing, putt the ball into the hole. This isn’t too hard when you’re relatively close, but get a little away from the hole and things get complicated.

  • First thing you want to do is line up your putt. Just move left or right to change where you aim. There are several camera angles to choose from and using multiple angles is the only way to make some of the harder shots. The overhead angle is the best for seeing the field and gauging the wind.

Wind and Slope Basics

That’s right, you have to worry about wind as well. The screen will tell you which way the wind is blowing and how fast. You also have to worry about the slope of the field. You might be going uphill, downhill, or on the side.

While putting, white arrows appear on the field to show which direction your ball will roll when you putt. The speed at which they move is very important. This determines how much you should move to the left or right of the hole. The faster they move the more the ball will move in that direction.

  • For example, if you see arrows point to the right and they move very fast, you need to aim to the left quite a bit for the ball to turn into the hold, otherwise it will curve away from it.

 The practice area lets you practice several things to get better. The arrow shows the putting practice entrance.

Going up and downhill is also important. When putting, an arrow appear at the top to show which direction the field slopes, if any. The up arrow means uphill, down arrow means downhill, and left or right arrow means side. There is also a number that shows how far up, down or side the field slopes.

  • If the number is less than one, you usually don’t need to compensate too much, just line up the shot according to the white arrows and hit and the recommended distance.
  • If the number is greater than one, you’ll have to change how hard you hit the ball.

Downhill Slopes

When going downhill significantly, you don’t need to hit the ball that hard. Hitting it before the arrow on your shot bar is your best bet because it will roll far enough with the momentum of going downhill.

Upward Slopes

When going uphill a lot, you need to hit the ball harder. Go past the arrow on your shot bar to fight the uphill battle.

Mid/Long-Range Putting

This is where paying attention to everything on the field is crucial. You’ll want to cycle through a few camera angles and always check the overhead angle during longer putts.


Not a lot different from short-range, except you need to look at which direction the ball will go and the slope of the field.

Overhead camera angle usually gets the job done, just make sure you know if there’s a slop or not.


To master this, you need to look at everything aspect of the field. 

  • Start with finding out the slope of the field. Does it curve to the side, go up, or go down? The overhead camera angle won’t show this, so cycle through a few of the other angles until you get it just right.
  • Next, you want to check which way the ball is going. For long putts, the overhead view is extremely important.
  • The very long putts make it hard to see the direction and speed when looking at the entire field.
  • To fix this, zoom in and out as needed and use the control stick to move around the field. This lets you get a better look at the white arrows so you can properly line up your putt.
  • The farther you are from the hole, the more you have to compensate for any slopes are curves.

That’s it for the Mario Golf World Tour putting tips. If you have any questions, or tips of your own, let me know in the comments!

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