Mario Kart Tour Driver with Three Hairs Challenge: Earn a Score of 7,000 or Higher

Only two characters fit the bill for this odd hair-based challenge, and if you managed to pull either of them, hitting 7,000 Mario Kart Tour points isn't too hard.

Only two characters fit the bill for this odd hair-based challenge, and if you managed to pull either of them, hitting 7,000 Mario Kart Tour points isn't too hard.

One of the most odd challenges in in Mario Kart Tour is earning a score of 7,000 using a driver with only three hairs. Unfortunately the game doesn’t tell you which characters those are, so you’ll need to do some sleuthing to figure it out!

Like many of the game’s rotating challenges, this one is heavily dependent on pulling the right drivers through the gacha pipe pull system. Let’s put the pedal to the metal and get this challenge in our rearview mirror already!

Earn A Score Of 7,000 Using A Driver With 3 Hairs

If you scroll through the driver list, it become apparent that Morton and Lakitu are the only two (current) characters with three hairs.

Note that if you do this with Morton, you can also complete the Earn a Score of 6,000 With a Koopaling challenge at the same time.

If you haven’t pulled either character yet, there’s a decent change of finding one or the other in the store, but note those store slots also rotate randomly, so keep checking back every day.

Lakitu costs 3,000 coins in the store, while Morton will only set you back 800 coins, making him the clear winner here. On the flip side, Lakitu has more favored course and kart options, so if you manage to pull him, its easier to get 7,000 points.

Don’t have enough coins on hand at the moment? Be sure to save some rubies to complete a coin rush and you should have enough.

So no how do we actually get 7,000 points with either character? The best way to do this quickly is to play a favored course with Morton or Lakitu so you have a chance at pulling a frenzy with every item box, and make sure to learn the layout of the levels to hit the boost jumps.

Below we have both Morton and Lakitu’s favored course schedule and a list of which karts and gliders to use for maximum starting points.

Getting 7,000 Points With Morton
  • Course 1 (only option): Kalimari Desert (Bowser Jr. Cup)
    • Kart 1: Badwagon
    • Kart 2: DK Jumbo
    • Glider 1 (only option): Lightning Oilpaper
Getting 7,000 Points With Lakitu
  • Course 1: Toad Circuit T (Toadette Cup)
    • Kart 1: Birthday Girl
    • Kart 2: Kabuki Dasher
    • Kart 3: Mushmellow
    • Glider 1: Gold Glider
    • Glider 2: Parafoil
  • Course 2: Mario Circuit 2T (Toadette Cup)
    • Kart 1: Circuit Special
    • Kart 2: Cheep Charger
    • Glider 1: Paper Glider
    • Glider 2: Lightning Oilpaper

Let us know when you manage to hit 7,000 points and what combo of driver / kart / glider you used!

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