This Mario Kart Tour guide tells you how to add friends so you can race with them.

Mario Kart Tour Guide: How to Race With Friends

This Mario Kart Tour guide tells you how to add friends so you can race with them.

Mario Kart has been mostly about multiplayer and the ability to race with friends since its inception. There aren’t many gamers who haven’t seen a match on the Star Cup start at “friendly” and shift over “to the death,” whether you started with the SNES, N64, or one of Nintendo’s more recent consoles.

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Unfortunately, the franchise’s mobile spin-off, Mario Kart Tour, doesn’t have full multiplayer functionality quite yet, although you can add friends through the in-game interface.

How to Add Friends and Race (Someday)


Much like Call Of Duty: Mobile, Mario Kart Tour has you playing matches against AI versions of other players. You aren’t engaging in real-time multiplayer races.

Sadly, it’s not truly “tiddies6969” or “YourMomLOL” racing against you. Rather, it’s digital versions of those racers with difficulty determined by what cc setting you pick for any given track. 

Tapping the Multiplayer option on the main menu reveals that true ranked matches aren’t coming for some time still, set to arrive in a “future version update” that doesn’t include a projected date. 

Anyone who has spent their fair share of time in licensed freemium games knows that the term “future update” can mean anything but.

That being said, you can get ready for racing your friends in Mario Kart Tour by adding them to your friend’s list ahead of time.

To access the Friends section of the main menu, you first need to unlock the ranking system by completing the Yoshi Cup races.

After beating those races, you can access Friends on the main menu and connect by typing in their Nintendo account ID.

At this point, ranking doesn’t let you race them. It only allows you to compare scores with other players on the same tracks.

Be sure to bookmark this page and check back in the near future as Mario Kart Tour‘s multiplayer could go live at any moment. 

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