Here's how to hit Tier 5 in Mario Kart Tour and rake in the rubies at the end of each week.

Mario Kart Tour Guide: How to Reach Tier 5

Here's how to hit Tier 5 in Mario Kart Tour and rake in the rubies at the end of each week.
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Looking to get more more rubies and coins without slapping down any real-world cash in Mario Kart Tour? For the best rewards, you need to move up the Tier rankings, and there’s even a challenge to hit Tier 5 for extra goodies.

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The ranking system is entirely based on single-player matches against AI versions of other players. At launch, there is no true multiplayer, and you can’t actually race directly against friends, although you can add them to your list for the upcoming multiplayer update.

Want to know how to hit Tier 5 fast? Let’s take a look at how to access the ranking system and boost your points in every match!

Reaching Tier 5 In Mario Kart Tour

First, unlock the Cup that gives access to the ranking system if you haven’t already.

For the New York Tour, this was done by accessing the Koopa Troopa Cup. You access this Cup by completing the three main levels and bonus jump boost level in the Yoshi Cup.

With the new Tokyo Tour, you get into ranking after completing the Toad Cup. The specific Cup to complete will change based on the latest Tour, which swaps out every so often.

After that point, the ranking system and friends list unlocks. To move up to a higher Tier, you have to get more points by playing ranked courses.

The ranking system updates every six days, so check the remaining time left before you start trying to hit Tier 5. If there are only a few hours left, you are unlikely to make it before the weekly rankings swap out again.

Based on your overall score across all ranked races, you will either stay where you are or move up the tiers with this schedule:

  • Place Top 3: move up three tiers
  • Place 4-6: move up two tiers
  • Place 7-10: move up one tier
  • Place 11-20: stay in your current tier

Besides earning more points in each race, it’s critical to level up by playing with different racers, karts, and gliders as you gain more position points after matches based on your level.

How to Increase Point Total

So, how exactly do you increase your point total to move up the tiers every week? Essentially, follow the same rules here as when trying to get a higher overall score.

You need to use the preferred driver, kart, and glider for maximum point possibilities on any give course. If you aren’t using the preferred driver, you can’t get three items per item box, and there’s no possibility of triggering a frenzy, which offers huge point bonuses.

Other than using the preferred driver, you can bump your point total by gaining additional points through these actions:

  • Picking up coins
  • Using dash panels
  • Performing jump boosts on logs or ramps
  • Accurately hitting opponents with shells, bananas, or the super horn
  • Performing mini-turbos while drifting

In other words, you need to grind levels to get the preferred driver, then make sure to hit every object and pick up every item. If you are willing to play enough matches, you’ll eventually get into the Top 10 positions and move up towards Tier 5.

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