Wondering how tie breakers work in Marvel Snap? Here's an explainer and some tactics for how to overcome them.

Marvel Snap: Tie Breakers Explained

Wondering how tie breakers work in Marvel Snap? Here's an explainer and some tactics for how to overcome them.

You’ll have no doubt discovered that to win a match in Marvel Snap, you need to have the higher power level in at least two of the three locations in play. But to paraphrase Tom Jones, it’s not unusual to win one, lose another, and be tied at a third by virtue of both players fielding cards resulting in the same power level at a location at the end of the match. In that case, you’ll need to also understand tie breakers.

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So what happens in the event of a tie, and how are they broken? We discuss that in the Marvel Snap guide below. 

How to Win a Tiebreaker 

The outcome of a tie is determined by the total power across all three locations. If you can see a tie coming before a match ends, focus on increasing your overall power numbers. That’s the easiest way to win a tie breaker.

However, that isn’t to say you should focus on power completely, as a bit of strategy is still required to make sure you come out on top. One way to check if you’re ahead in the event of a tie is to see which player currently has the larger lead at the location they’re currently winning. If a tie is inevitable, such as when a location is already at a stalemate or narrowly lost, then bolster your power at the location you intend to win.

Doing so can give you the upper hand when the match ends. Cards such as Iron Man can be clutch in these situations, as he doubles the total power of the location at which he’s fielded. In turn, your lead has the potential to grow exponentially. 

Opportunities to turn the tide of a match can present themselves right up to the last turn, so if there’s a way to win back a location that you thought was lost or tied, you should absolutely take that course of action first. Cards that drain your opponent’s power, such as Hobgoblin, who switches to your rival’s side of the playing field and gifts them a brutal -8 power debuff, could swing things in your favor. 

If you’re both fielding cards into the same location for the finale, any of the Guardians of the Galaxy are a good play, as they get a power boost for your opponent playing an opposing card at that location. You may even draw a buff card on your last turn; something like Captain America’s +1 to all cards at that location can be just enough to win it back when things are tight. 

Now that you understand tie breakers, your tactics are in shape. It’s time you filled out your collection by upgrading cards and got your head around how to move and destroy cards in Marvel Snap. And you should always keep an eye out for the game’s best cards.

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