Looking for Dreadbots in Marvel's Avengers? This guide will tell you how to find them, beat them, and farm them.

Marvel’s Avengers Guide: How to Find Dreadbots

Looking for Dreadbots in Marvel's Avengers? This guide will tell you how to find them, beat them, and farm them.

There are a variety of different enemies to take down in Marvel’s Avengers, and one of the more formidable foes you’ll come across are the Dreadbots. These are large, four-legged mechs with deadly ranged and AoE attacks that can take you out if you aren’t prepared. 

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You might’ve already come across Dreadbots throughout your initial playthrough, but what if you want to farm them for XP, resources, or for Daily Challenges?

There’s a great spot that features two Dreadbots right off the bat, and they’re relatively quick to defeat. In this guide, we’ll show you where to easily farm Dreadbots and how to take them out.

Where to Find Dreadbots in Marvel’s Avengers

The easiest and fastest way to farm Dreadbots is by booting up the “Enter: The Avengers” mission from the War Table.

It’s found in the Eastern Seaboard area. As soon as the mission begins, head right towards the Ash Hotel and follow the road in front of it, as it veers to the left. 

Keep going, and you’ll end up in front of a bridge on your right, guarded by the first Dreadbot. Lots of mobs will spawn around it, so do your best to focus on the Dreadbot first. 

Once you’ve taken out the Dreadbot, head towards the Starnight building ahead and make a left, in the opposite direction of the bridge you were just by. Follow this street towards the Metropol (which will be on your right). 

Keep going until you reach the Roxxon (on your left) and turn left on the street just past it (in between the Manhattan building).

Follow this road until you reach the second Dreadbot at the end. 

Keep in mind that it might take 10 seconds or so for the Dreadbot to spawn, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t see it right away.

Defeat this Dreadbot, collect your goodies, and restart the checkpoint to do it again. You can continuously repeat this process until you’ve defeated enough to complete the Challenges. 

Other missions with Dreadbots

You can also find Dreadbots in the following missions:

  • HARM Challenge II
  • To Tame A Titan
  • House Call
  • HARM Training: Iron Man
  • Breakout
  • Agony and the Ant Hill
  • Out of the Shadows
  • By Force of Mind
  • Heart Of The Monster
  • City Under Siege
  • Let the Game Begin 

How to Defeat Dreadbots

Taking out the Dreadbots can be tough, but if you use the farming method listed above, you’ll start out with all three of your special moves. That means you can spam all three of your special moves right away to deal tremendous damage to the first one you come across.

How much damage you do is determined by your gear, so it’s best to have a Power Level of around 22 before attempting this mission. 

You should also focus on its weak points on the sides, which are small orange spots between its legs. If you attack these spots and spam your specials, you’ll have them down in no time.

Look out for the button prompt that appears on-screen denoted by “Triangle” and “Circle” on PS4 or “Y” and “B” on Xbox One. Executing this move will likely finish off the Dreadbot and give you invulnerability during the animation of the attack.

By the time you’ve taken out the first Dreadbot, you should have at least one of your other specials ready (if not more), so head to the second one to finish it off. 

That’s everything you need to know about finding, farming, and defeating Dreadbots in Marvel’s Avengers. For more on Marvel’s Avengers, like our guide on Prime Synthoid locations, be sure to head over to our growing list of tips.  

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