Here's what you need to know about Midnight Suns' level ceilings.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns: What is the Max Level?

Here's what you need to know about Midnight Suns' level ceilings.

There are a lot of things to manage and keep track of in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. From each hero’s card deck to the facilities found in the Abbey, as you play, you’ll constantly have your hands full as you make your way to max level. Some of the most important things to keep track of, however, are the different stats that each hero has. Not only do they have unique combat levels, but each character has their own friendship level with the Hunter which needs to be managed alongside the overall team friendship level.

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Obviously, in order to make your team as strong as it can be, you’ll want each hero’s various levels to be as high as possible, but knowing where the ceiling is for each stat can help you gauge where the characters are in their journey.

What is Max Level in Marvel’s Midnight Suns?

In terms of combat, the max level for all heroes is 25. As they level up, all of a character’s stats will increase, meaning that they’ll be much better suited for the battles to come. Once you reach level 25 with a hero, they’ll still be able to earn stat increases in the form of Champion Levels. Champion Levels are essentially Midnight Suns‘ prestige system that allows characters to continuously increase their damage and health stats even once they’ve reached the ceiling.

The max friendship level for each character is 5. As you spend time with characters in hangouts, daily sparring, and day-to-day conversations, you’ll gradually increase your friendship level. With each new level earned, you’ll unlock passive abilities, hangout rewards, and crucial modifiers to the Hero Combo cards you’re dealt in combat.

As you increase the friendship levels of each individual hero, you’ll also be increasing your overall team friendship level. The reward for reaching max team friendship level, 8, is unlocking a second Hero Combo card in combat.

While most of the other rewards are for expanding the giftshop and increasing how effective your compliments are, the additional Hero Combo can help you stay ahead of just about any combat encounter Midnight Suns can throw at you. To level up your team friendship level, however, you’ll need to focus on leveling up the friendship levels of each of the heroes.

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