Marvel's Midnight Suns: How to Use Havens

Here's everything you need to know about Midnight Suns' havens.

Havens are one of a handful of ways to spend time with your favorite characters in Marvel's Midnight Suns. They serve as a fantastic way to increase your friendship level with selected characters, provided you've picked the right spot.

In this guide, we'll go over how to find Havens as well as how to make the most of your time spent in them. You'll have to explore the Abbey a bit to find them, after which you can invite other characters to them.

How to Find Havens

As you explore the Abbey grounds, you'll encounter zones that have a blue circle of mist surrounding them. Walk up to the zone and interact with it to discover a Haven location that gets added to your list. Once you've discovered at least one Haven, you'll be able to invite heroes to them.

How to Use Havens

Once you've found a Haven, you'll be able to invite a hero there during the day. Be warned, you can only visit each Haven one time and each hero can only be invited out to a Haven once. This means that if you want to invite someone out, you need to think hard about if it's for an activity you think they'll enjoy. Most heroes will gain five friendship points from just being asked to hang out with you somewhere, regardless of where, but if they love the activity/spot, they'll gain seven points.

While at a Haven, you'll have a conversation with the person you've invited allowing you to get to know them a little bit better. The conversation also serves as a way to earn even more friendship points. Choose the dialogue options that you think would make them like you most and you can earn additional points over options that they don't like. 

At the end of your time hanging out with them, you can give the hero a gift. Gifts are found across the Abbey and can be bought from the Gift Shop upgrade purchased in the Forge. The rarer the gift and the more it seems to suit the character you're giving it to, the more they'll like it and the more friendship points you'll earn.

Havens are a good way to boost a single character's Friendship Level to make them even more effective in combat or if you simply want to spend more time with them. Even though it's a little stressful knowing that you won't get a Haven spot back once it's been used, you can always save before inviting someone out and reloading it if they didn't love the venue.

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Published Dec. 9th 2022

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