Want to know how to unlock the unknown Tech ability in Mass Effect Andromeda? Then check out this quick guide!

Mass Effect Andromeda Guide: How to Unlock the Unknown Tech Skill

Want to know how to unlock the unknown Tech ability in Mass Effect Andromeda? Then check out this quick guide!

Like any good action RPG, Mass Effect: Andromeda lets you choose how you want to play your character and gives you a variety of skills to choose from. Combat, Biotic, and Tech are all the categories of skills and abilities you can get — which you can view at anytime by opening the pause menu.

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If you went to the Tech section you may notice an unknown ability listed. You will have to unlock this ability by doing a side quest as you progress a little further into the game.

Spoilers: There will be a few spoilers in this guide, so continue past this point at your own risk. If you only need to know how to get started, it involves a side quest for Peebee.

Unlocking the Hidden Tech Ability in Mass Effect: Andromeda

The hidden tech ability can be unlocked by a side quest that starts after you have recruited the Asari, Peebee.

Once you go back to your ship, talk to her in the cargo bay room near the front of the ship. She will talk about a “Secret Project”, but won’t tell you exactly what she’s working on.

Helping Peebee’s Secret Project

mass effect andromeda peebee side mission

This involves getting specific Remnant tech from the planets Eos and Voeld. If you haven’t unlocked Voeld yet, just continue the story, it happens very quickly.

The quest comes from your email, so make sure you check it, then select “Acknowledge” for the Secret Project.

When you have the quest selected, each location will be marked on your map. Simply retrieve the tech from each location, then go back to the ship to talk to Peebee.

A trip to the Nexus

When you talk to Peebee on your ship, she will tell you the project is almost done and to meet at her apartment on the Nexus. If you don’t know where that is, don’t worry. Setting this as your active quest marks the location on your map.

Once you arrive, you find out her project was reprogramming a remnant enemy called and Observer. She repurposed it so that you can use it as your own. The skill is called Remnant Vi and the game automatically unlocks the first skill point in it for free.

This skill counts as a tech construct and can be directed to attack certain enemies. It will repair shield over time and cloak when health is low.

mass effect andromeda remnant vi skill

You can also upgrade it for close-combat to distract enemies, shoot missiles that detonated combos, or an electric beam that primes enemies for combos.

The quest continues after, but this is all you need to unlock the skill.

Now you have your very own Remnant “pet” to fight with you. Be sure to check out my Beginner or Profile guide for more Mass Effect Andromeda tips. Let me know if you have any questions!

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