Fury is the key to topping the leaderboards in Metal: Hellsinger. Here's how to increase it, maintain it, and get high scores.

Metal: Hellsinger — How to Increase Fury to Get High Scores

Fury is the key to topping the leaderboards in Metal: Hellsinger. Here's how to increase it, maintain it, and get high scores.

Next to its solid shooter gameplay and amazing music, one of Metal: Hellsinger’s most important gameplay aspects is getting a high score. Every enemy you kill gives you points and increases your Fury multiplier. The better you do, the better you’ll rank on the leaderboards once you complete a level.

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A high score is also a good measure of how you’re performing overall, as it will show how consistently you’re killing to and staying on the beat, hitting headshots, and staying damage free, among other performance stats. Here’s how to get the highest possible scores and top the leaderboards in Metal: Hellsinger.

Fury Multiplier Explained

When you load into a level, you’ll notice that the number at the top center of your screen is 1x. This value is your Fury meter, which determines:

  • How many points each kill is worth.
  • How much damage your weapons do.
  • How epic the music becomes.

Fury advances by increments of two, so you’ll start at a 1x multiplier, then 2x, 4x, 8x, and finally 16x. Each Fury tier adds more complexity to the music — with vocals coming in at 16x  and provides the listed multiplier increase to your score. One of the core elements of your final level score is how long you stay at the 16x multiplier, so keeping your Fury maxed is paramount.

How to Increase and Max Out Fury

To increase Fury and advance to the next Fury Tier, you must defeat enemies on the beat. There are also floating consumables scattered around the levels that instantly fill your Fury meter to 16x, so keep an eye out for those in each combat arena to increase your high score.  

Once you start a new encounter, shoot and kill to the beat and do so quickly and accurately. The faster you clear a level, boss included, the higher your end-of-level time bonus will be. You’re also awarded for headshots and multikills, so endeavor to use the red, exploding Chaos crystals to take out large groups of trash mobs at once for additional points.

Slaughters (the contextual kill animations that reward health) and hit streaks also give a good amount of points at a level’s end. Keep in mind that Slaughters must be done on the beat, as well. 

Still, the most rewarding performance metric is Beats Matched, which can get into the millions if you’re consistent at slaying and shooting to the beat of a level’s soundtrack. On Voke, the first main level in the game, a 98% Beats Matched value awards about 1.5 million points. Contrast that against a 40-hit streak awarding only 75,000 points.

The one thing that will keep you from the high score in Metal: Hellsinger is taking damage. Being hit does two things:

  • You lose Fury depending on how much damage you take. A light tap from a trash mob might cost you a quarter of your meter. A Behemoth slamming into you can take you from a full 16x down to half 8x, costing you both time and points on your next few kills.
  • There is a damage penalty in the end-of-level points screen. It isn’t much in the scheme of things, only costing a couple hundred thousand points, but that deduction can be enough to knock you out of the top spots or break a desired score threshold.

How to Keep Fury Between Combat Encounters

To keep yourself at maximum Fury out of combat, use the Paz skull weapon. As long as you’re shooting his fireballs on-beat, your Fury meter will build until it hits the maximum value for your current tier. Paz cannot take you to new levels, so if you aren’t yet at 16x, he will not get you there.

Paz is vital for maintaining Fury outside of combat between arenas, so once the door to the room opens, pull him out and start clicking to the music. There might be a few trash mobs between combat areas, but in most cases, you can keep Paz active the whole way to your high score.

In short: to get high scores in Metal: Hellsinger, keep your Fury meter at 16x, hit and kill enemies on the beat with speed and accuracy, and don’t get hit. Use Paz when you’re out of combat to keep your meter maxed, and do your best to never lose your hit streak. It sounds simple but can prove quite difficult to execute. Thankfully, you can replay any of the game’s levels to memorize the songs or complete Torment for Sigils to go for higher and higher scores.

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