Getting the Grav Suit early in Metroid Dread can help shave precious minutes off your endgame clear time.Here's how to get it.

Metroid Dread: How to Get the Grav Suit Early

Getting the Grav Suit early in Metroid Dread can help shave precious minutes off your endgame clear time.Here's how to get it.

If you want to get the Grav Suit early in Metroid Dread, you better have an Energy Tank’s worth of patience ready. It’s possible to acquire the Grav Suit as early as Ghavoran, but you’ll want to get some practice in with the Shinespark move before attempting it.

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It’s worth the effort, though. The Gravity Suit reduces the damage Samus takes, which is handy during some of the tougher fights ahead.

How to Get the Grav Suit Early

An in-game map of Ghavoran and the Pulse Radar Room.

First, head to the room where you obtain the Pulse Radar, marked in red on the map above. Your target area is below the Morph Ball bomb corridors. Press up against the wall, then start a speed boost.

Trigger a Shinespark right before you hit the narrow gap so it stays active as Samus drops down. Then leap off the ledge and, using Y+B, aim your Shinespark for the ledge at the far end.

Follow the Morph Ball path, and take the green teleporter to Burenia.

Burenia’s Green Teleporter

Map of the green teleporter room in Burenia.

Drop a Morph Ball Bomb in the chamber’s bottom right corner to open a new path. Follow it, destroying the Enky fire plants as you go, until you reach a room with an Energy Tank piece.

Stand at the edge of the ledge, then start running to activate a speed boost. Timed right, you’ll activate a Shinespark and bust through the Speed Blocks on the floor. Keep the speed boost active.

Open the new door, slide under the ledge, and aim your cannon down to shoot the beam blocks. While still in midair, angle your Shinespark up and left to shoot up through the slanted passage.

Keep the Shinespark active and continue heading left, then trigger it again after dropping down next to the magnetic wall panel. 

Aim to the right, and blast off. Now you’re free to let the Shinespark fade. There’s a missile tank in a water pool at the end of the room. Grab that, then use a Morph Ball Bomb in the bottom right corner to open a new path.

Now you’re pretty close to the Grav Suit. From here, it’s pretty straightforward. Take the Morph Ball path up, blast the pulsing blocks to destabilize the structure in the background, then destroy the grapple block. Drop down below the pathway, go left, and you’ll enter the Gravity Suit chamber.

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You’re free to explore cold regions and walk through lava now that you have the Grav Suit. You probably also shaved a good few minutes off your completion time. If you want to finish even faster and get those sweet ending rewards, check out how to get Morph Ball Bombs early and our other Metroid Dread guides

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