Minecraft: Best Y Level to Mine Netherite

Netherite is one of the strongest materials you can get but is rare and hard to get. Here's the best Y level to mine it.

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Diamonds are rare and make for some of the best tools and armor. However, they’re not the best material you can get. There’s a resource that’s even stronger. In this guide, I’ll show you the best Y level to mine Netherite in Minecraft

Best Y Level to Mine Netherite in Minecraft

How to Enter the Nether

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The first thing you’ll have to do is be able to travel to the Nether. You’ll need to build a Nether Portal by making a frame out of Obsidian. It’ll need to be at least a 4X5 frame. Then you can use Flint and Steel to light the portal. 

How to Prepare for the Nether

Before venturing into the dangerous Nether, make sure you’re prepared. I recommend bringing Iron and Diamond Pickaxe. Netherite can only be mined with a Diamond Pickaxe. I like to use the Iron one for everything else, so I don’t risk breaking the only tool that can mine the Netherite. 

You should also bring a lot of cobblestone to build bridges and other towers to reach the Netherite since it can’t be blown up by a Ghast. 

Where to Find Netherite

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Now that you have your Nether Portal active and working, we can start mining. The most common place to find Netherite is from Y levels 10-15. However, this material is rare; it took me around five minutes mining at this level to find some. So be patient!

Once you have the ore, you’ll need to smelt it in a furnace to make Netherite Scraps, which can be crafted into Netherite Ingots. With the Ingots, you can make some of the strongest tools, weapons, and armor in the game. 

That’s the best Y level to mine Netherite in Minecraft. If you’re looking for more tips and guides, check out our dedicated MC guides hub, which includes tons of articles on the game’s best seeds, as well as skins and much more.

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