Minecraft: How to Make Night Vision Potion

Here's how to make Night Vision potion in Minecraft, letting you see in any darkness.

With one single recipe, you can learn how to make Night Vision potion in Minecraft, an item that can completely change how the game plays in dark areas. Mojang’s sandbox is filled with gloomy areas — some completely pitch black — where having a light source becomes essential. But you might not be able to carry a torch or use another tool like a Soul Lantern. In that case, why not just see at night?

How to Make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft

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Here’s how to make Night Vision potion in Minecraft:

  • x1 Nether Wart
  • x1 Glass Bottle (Water Bottle)
  • x1 Golden Carrot
  • x1 Blaze Powder
  • Combine the ingredients in a Brewing Stand

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How to Get Night Vision Potion Materials

Where to Find Nether Wart

You can find Nether Wart in The Nether at a Nether Fortress. Once you have some in your inventory, you can plant them in Soul Sand blocks to farm them, giving you plenty for a Night Vision potion. After some painstakingly-slow exploration, I can confirm this is the definitive way to get Nether Wart.

Where to Find Golden Carrot

You can find Golden Carrot a bit easier than Nether Wart, thankfully. Similar to a Golden Apple, the easiest way to get Golden Carrots is to craft them. Head to a crafting table with x1 Normal Carrot and surround it with Gold Nuggets. This will produce x1 Golden Carrot.

Where to Find a Water Bottle

Finally, you’ll need a water bottle. This is the easiest item to get. Glass bottles can be earned as fishing drops, from killing witches, and through crafting. Just fill it with water from any water source, and you’re good to go.

That’s how to make Night Vision potion in Minecraft. I recommend only using the potion in an emergency if you run out of torches or don’t have access to another light source. Depending on your resources, however, it could make sense to make them in batches. For more tips and tricks, head over to our MC guides hub here.

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