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Minecraft: How to Make Paper

Grab your sugarcane, cause we're making Paper in Minecraft!

Understanding how to make Paper in Minecraft is critical when it comes to cartography. It can be used to make things like Maps, Locator Maps, and more. Like most things in the sandbox survival game, its recipe isn’t spelled out in-game. It’s a simple process requiring only one ingredient, and our guide tells you what you need and can make with it.

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Minecraft Paper Recipe

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  • To make paper in Minecraft, place three pieces of Sugarcane in a row at a crafting table. This recipe makes three pieces at a time. It’s that simple!

Many of the items you’ll craft with Paper generally require more than one piece at a time, so it’s nice that you can make it in batches like this. But what if you need even more faster for more items?

How to Farm Paper

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To farm Paper, you’ll need more Sugarcane, which can be found in grassy areas connected to water. Look near rivers, oceans, and swamp land to find stalks and collect them. Next, plant them near your base/house.

  • Sugarcane won’t grow unless it has a water source. I found that an easy way to provide a water source is to dig a hole and toss a bucket of water inside.
  • When they reach their peak, cut the stalks down and replant them in a vacant space to expand your farm (and add a new water source if necessary). Continue to do this until you have a large enough sugarcane farm to continue creating it as needed.

Items Made With Paper in Minecraft

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Paper can be used in several ways in Minecraft, but the main ones are for cartography.

  • The mildly useful Map can be made with 9 pieces.
  • The more useful Locator Map, which includes a small indicator showing your position and the direction you’re facing, is made with a Compass and 8 pieces of Paper.

Additionally, you can increase Map levels up to four times by combining this resource with an Anvil. Level a Map increases its radius, allowing you to chart larger areas more efficiently.

You can also copy Maps using a Cartography Table, which can be built with 2 Paper and 4 Wooden Planks. I’ve found that this is great for creating more charts on-hand should you lose any or want to share them among friends in multiplayer.

The practicality of this resource doesn’t end with cartography, however, as you can even use it to create Books. Combine 3 Paper and 1 Leather to make a book to enchant the book at an Enchantment Table. You can then combine three books with 6 Wooden Planks to make a Bookshelf.

Paper has so many uses in Minecraft, so learning how to make it is imperative. Luckily, it’s not too taxing. For more tips, tricks, and help articles, head over to our MC guides hub here.

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