Minecraft: How to Put Items in Decorated Pots

Here's how to put items in Decorated Pots in Minecraft to use them as storage!

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This week’s Minecraft Snapshot “23w41a” introduced some neat updates for Decorated Pots. They can now stack and interact with other blocks, and you can even put items in them! In this guide, we’ll tell you how to put items in Decorated Pots in Minecraft.

How to Put Items in Decorated Pots in Minecraft

One of the main highlights in the “23w41a” Snapshot is that Decorated Pots can now hold items. And it’s quite easy to do. You simply need to be holding a stackable or unstackable item and then interact with the pot

If the item is stackable, like wood blocks, eggs, etc., each interaction will place one of those items in the pot up to 64 times. Otherwise, for unstackable items like pickaxes, bows, etc., the item will remain in the pot, but no other item can be placed there. 

Furthermore, you can also place items into Decorated Pots with Hoppers. Likewise, items can be taken out with Droppers. They can still be broken with non-Silk Touch tools to get your items out faster.

Additional Features of Decorated Pots

Besides putting items in and taking them out, Minecraft Decorated Pots will also wobble and produce a unique side effect upon interaction. They can be smashed by projectiles like arrows or tridents so you can take items out at range. Interestingly, Comparators can also now read the number of items inside the pot.

Lastly, Decorated Pots don’t have a visual interface upon interaction like chests do. To check the number of items inside, you’ll either have to use Comparators or break them.

That’s how to put items in Decorated Pots in Minecraft. Overall, these are all great changes and will allow for some additional creativity. You can still place flower pots and flowers on top of them, too. For more tips and tricks, check out our other Minecraft guides. For example, learn where to find Suspicious Sand to craft Decorated Pots. 

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