Minecraft's Wild Update introduced frogs. Here's how to tame, lure, and breed them.

Minecraft: How to Tame Frogs

Minecraft's Wild Update introduced frogs. Here's how to tame, lure, and breed them.

Frogs might be small, but they’re the stars of the show in the Minecraft Wild Update. As of patch 1.19, players are able to breed and even sort of tame frogs to keep as their own. In this guide we’ll go over how to tame frogs of your own in Minecraft, as well as how to breed them in case you want a slew of tiny, hopping friends.

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Can You Tame Frogs in Minecraft?

Frogs, much like turtles, can’t actually be tamed in the way that animals such as wolves or horses can. They can be lured and bred, but they can’t be domesticated.

This means that if you intend on keeping a frog as a pet, you’ll need to make sure it is kept in an enclosed place or leashed to a post, as it will likely wander off on its own otherwise.

Frogs can be found in virtually any biome in your Minecraft seed. The type of frog depends on the climate, either hot, warm, or cold.

  • Hot climates will have orange frogs.
  • Warm climates will have white frogs.
  • Cold climates will have green frogs.

How to Lure Frogs

In order to lure frogs in Minecraft, you’re going to need to use slimeballs. These can be obtained by killing small slimes, which can commonly be found hopping around in swamp biomes, or more rarely, deep in caves.

Similar to luring other animals, you just need to have the luring item equipped and keep within close proximity of the mob you want to lure, and they’ll follow you. The best option is to simply use leads.

How to Make a Lead

You can craft a lead via the following recipe:

  • 4 String
  • 1 Slimeball

Leads are reusable, and you would need to use the slimeball anyway to lure the frogs.

Once you have a lead made, simply equip it and interact with the frog to leash it up. You can now lead the frog around to wherever you please, and even tether it to fence posts by interacting with them.

How to Breed Frogs in Minecraft

Breeding frogs is much like breeding any other passive mob in Minecraft. Once you have two frogs near each other, equip some slimeballs and interact with each of the two frogs to get them in love mode.

After doing this, one of the two frogs will become pregnant, and will immediately begin looking for the nearest water source to lay eggs, similar to turtles.

If you have your frogs in an enclosed area, make sure you have some water in there with them, so that the pregnant frogs can lay their frogspawn. After around ten minutes, two to six tadpoles will hatch from the eggs and begin swimming around in the water.

Tadpoles will eventually grow into frogs, and this growth can be accelerated by feeding them slimeballs. Tadpoles can not survive on land, so be sure to leave them in the water. If you need to transport them at all, you can use a bucket on the water to scoop up the tadpole, then you can transport it elsewhere.

The type of frog the tadpole grows up into depends on the biome in which it grows, not the types of frogs that its parents are. Follow the guidelines a bit above in the article to breed your frogs in areas where you will get the color you want.

That is everything you need to know about taming, luring, and breeding frogs in Minecraft. Check out our other Minecraft guides or even our extensive Minecraft seed lists here on GameSkinny.

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