Minecraft Respawn Anchor Guide

How to use a Respawn Anchor and use it in Minecraft 1.16.

How to use a Respawn Anchor and use it in Minecraft 1.16.

Your days of having to spawn outside of the Nether are over! As of Minecraft 1.16, you can set a spawn point inside the Nether using the new Respawn Anchor. How do you get a Respawn Anchor, though? And how do you use it?

In Minecraft 1.16, you can place a Respawn Anchor anywhere in the Nether even if you leave it, but it has to have a specific resource to work.

How to Craft a Respawn Anchor in Minecraft

You only need two resources to make a Respawn Anchor.

You need six Crying Obsidian blocks and three Glowstones to craft a Respawn Anchor. The Crying Obsidian is fairly new, and both blocks are found in the Nether itself.

How to Use a Respawn Anchor in Minecraft

The Respawn Anchor is unique in that it requires a resource to work at all, and that resource is Glowstones.

You can hold a Glowstone and interact with the Respawn Anchor to fuel it, which you can do up to four charges. 

Each time you respawn at the anchor, you will lose a charge. If you respawn and consume its last charge, the Respawn Anchor will be destroyed. So you need to keep it charged up.

You can get around this a bit by placing a Dispenser next to the anchor and filling it with Glowstones.

To respawn at the location, there will need to be open space near the Respawn Anchor. Don’t surround it with other blocks!

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