Minecraft: How to Ride a Strider

Here's how to tame and ride a Strider in Minecraft 1.16.

The big Minecraft 1.16 update is here, bringing the Nether expansion to Minecraft on PC. One of the many new changes the update brings is the addition of new mounts called Striders. One of the biggest questions is "How to ride a Strider in Minecraft?"

It's a somewhat involved answer, but we'll walk you through each step in the guide below.

Minecraft: How to Ride a Strider 

How to Tame a Strider

A Strider standing on a rock near lava in Minecraft 1.16.

Striders are a passive mob and spawn in a few different ways in the Nether. They aren't specific to just one biome either, so you stand a good chance at finding one.

You might find a wandering Strider, a Strider with a baby Strider on top (which won't get off when it grows up), or a Strider with a saddle and a Zombified Piglin on top.

There's a very rare chance you might find a Strider spawning with a saddle, but that's actually a bug from the Screenshot phase. Don't expect it to last if it happens at all.

Even if there is a Piglin with its own saddle, you'll need your own saddle to tame a Strider in Minecraft. If you don't have a saddle, get busy raiding Nether Fortresses to find one.

Crafting Warped Fungus on a Stick

Once you get a saddle, you'll want to craft a special item to control the Strider. Striders are like pigs and need an incentive to move, but unlike with pigs, you'll use a Warped Fungus on a Stick instead.

If you haven't found a Fungus yet, you can head to the Warped Forest biome for a better chance of getting one or add bone meal to a nylium block to force fungus to grow.

Then, craft your Warped Fungus on a Stick by combining the Warped Fungus with a Fishing Rod.

Now, you'll need to get a Strider. You'll have to approach a Strider to use the saddle as an item and then mount the Strider. The thing is, they usually walk on lava, which isn't good for you.

If you aren't close enough to slap a saddle on a Strider, grab a regular Warped Fungus to try and get them to come closer.

How to Ride a Strider in Minecraft

Using a saddle to ride a Strider in the Minecraft Nether update.

Now you should be up on your Strider and raring to go. Use the Warped Fungus on a Stick to get the Strider to move; it'll move in whatever direction you're facing with the stick.

You might wonder why the Strider turns purple at some point, and the reason is that they're lava beasts. Get them on land, and they'll slow down tremendously and turn purple.

How to Breed Striders in Minecraft

If you decide you want your very own Strider-lings to avoid the hassle of finding new Striders, you can breed them just like any other mob. Getting Striders into Love Mode just takes a Warped Fungus for the two you want to breed. Then all you need to do is wait a bit for the baby Strider to spawn.

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Published Jun. 23rd 2020

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