Minecraft: Story Mode Guide — Episode 1 (Part One)

A quick and easy guide to get you through the first part of Minecraft: Story Mode. Don't miss anything!

A quick and easy guide to get you through the first part of Minecraft: Story Mode. Don't miss anything!

Minecraft: Story Mode is finally here! Coming from the same studio responsible for The Walking Dead games and Tales from the Borderlands, Minecraft: Story Mode chronicles the adventures of Jesse and a group of friends. While Telltale games are focused mostly on the narrative, there are still important decisions to be made that will affect the way the rest of the game unfolds.

Remember, you may not find out effects of your actions until later on down the road — we’ll do our best to keep you informed, but with only one episode released, it’s too soon to know everything for sure.

Starting Out

The game starts with a choice of avatar for your Jesse — the game will play out the same way whether you are a guy or girl, but your choice will affect whose voice you’re listening to while you play. If you’re a fan of Patton Oswalt, pick a guy for your avatar. If you’re not, actress Catherine Taber voices the female Jesse.

After a cutscene explaining the history of the Order of the Stone, you find yourself in a house with your friend Olivia and your pet pig, Reuben. You’re discussing — among other things — your plans for Endercon. Answer any way you like, just remember that your friends will remember your words later on. After Axel shows up and you’re all done chatting, you have a chance to explore the house. Make sure to grab the flint and steel and shears from the chests — you’ll need them!

The next part of the story takes you to the woods, where you’ll talk a bit more with your friends and decide on a design for your Endercon build. This is purely cosmetic, so pick the one you like the best (and as always, don’t forget that your friends will remember your choices!)

Follow the cues for the quick-time events, and soon enough you’ll find yourself at Endercon!


There’s nothing terribly pressing happening at Endercon, so just do your best to answer the questions the way you want and hit the quick-time events as soon as they come up. You’ll meet some other important people here — namely Lukas, the leader of the Ocelots, and Petra, a mysterious miner for hire.

In the end, your build turns out to be pretty darn impressive. So impressive that one of your rivals decides to sabotage the whole thing, hurting Reuben and scaring him into the woods! Quickly decide whether you want your team to save the build or help you look for Reuben, and go after your pig!

There are three different sections here, and you need to explore them thoroughly to find your lost pet. Just make sure that you’ve checked everything and you should be able to move through the woods. Don’t get discouraged!

Eventually you’ll find Reuben hiding behind a bush, and he’ll be very happy to see you. Unfortunately, this is where you’ll encounter a load of zombies and spiders, too! Oh no!

You can fight them off, but pretty soon you’ll have to make your first key decision.

Key Decision

With your sword broken and enemies closing in, the game will prompt you to make a decision about Reuben.

Run, I’ll distract them! 

Picking this will cause Reuben to scamper off, unharmed, but you won’t see him again until later in the game. 

Stay close, I’ll protect you.

This will allow you to keep Reuben around, but the poor little guy will get whacked by a zombie and end up with a black eye!

Either way, things are looking pretty bad for Jesse. Fortunately for you, there’s someone around who’s a lot tougher than you and happy to help you out before getting you started on the next step of your adventure.

And so ends the first part of Episode 1. Stay tuned for more installments of our Minecraft: Story Mode Guide!

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