Minecraft: What Does Smite Do?

If you're wondering what Smite does in Minecraft, look no further than our guide.

If you're wondering what Smite does in Minecraft, look no further than our guide.

Smite is one of the many unclear enchanments in Minecraft. With little to no direction about its uses in the Minecraft world, this leaves a lot of players wondering just what it does. If you find yourself wondering too, don’t worry we have the answer.

What Does Smite Do in Minecraft?

Short and simple, Smite gives you a damage increase to the undead monsters prowling the caves and overworld. If you find a lot of undead mobs are giving you trouble in Minecraft, it’s time to enchant your weapon with Smite.

Compared to Sharpness, Smite only works well against undead mobs like Skeletons, Zombies, Drowned, Husks, and even pesky Phantoms. However the damage increase in nullified against enemies that are alive. On top of that, no normal method allows you to have a sword with both Smite and Sharpness.

Speaking of restrictions to Smite, the highest level possible for Smite is level 5. You can only increase the enchantment level by combining two of the enchantments at an anvil. So Smite1+Smite1=Smite2. Smite2+Smite2=Smite3 and so on.

It is possible to overwrite a weapon’s smite by combining it with a smite of a higher level as well. In this case it would be something like:

  • Smite1+Smite4=Smite4

How to Get Smite in Minecraft

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There are many different ways to get the Smite enchantment. For starters Smite can be put on any axe and sword. If you’re lucky enough, you can even come across a weapon that already has the enchantment as well.

You can also find an enchantment book from fishing that could have Smite. After picking up the book grab the weapon you want to enchant and use an anvil to combine the two thus enchanting the weapon.

If finding the book through fishing is taking too long you can make a Smite enchantment book as well. Take books to an enchantment table and keep working through the random enchantment list to get Smite. You can then use the anvil again to enchant your preferred weapon.

Lastly, you can use the enchantment table to enchant your weapon at the cost of levels and lapis lazuli.

With that, you now know what Smite does in Minecraft and what exactly you can do with it. Check out our extensive library of Minecraft guides here on GameSkinny.

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