Minecraft: What Does Soul Speed Do? Let’s Find Out!

How Minecraft's new Soul Speed enchantment works, and how to get it.

How Minecraft's new Soul Speed enchantment works, and how to get it.
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The Nether has been absolutely bustling in Minecraft over the past few updates. The latest 20w11a snapshot adds even more to do in this harsh environment, from the ability to place redstone on soulsand to the new Soul Speed enchantment. But what does Soul Speed do?

As they say, “Gotta go fast!” And that’s exactly what Soul Speed allows you to do when walking on soul soil and soul sand, the two primary blocks you’ll be walking on in the Nether.

How Soul Speed Works

The Soul Speed enchantment allows you to walk at increased speed over both soul sand and soul soil when it is applied to boots.

There is a small chance your boots will lose durability with each soul soil or soul sand you walk on when wearing the enchanted boots. This means you will need to keep yourself supplied with Soul Speed enchantments.

Soul Speed I allows you to walk at normal speed on soul sand and soil, while the second and third ranks in it allow for even faster movement.

How to Get Soul Speed

The only way to get the Soul Speed enchantment is to trade with Piglins, which are only found in Nether biomes. 

Piglins can have either enchanted Soul Speed books or iron boots already enchanted with soul speed. It is a good idea to get more than one enchantment just in case.

How to Get Piglins to Trade with You

Piglins are always hostile, unless you are wearing at least one piece of gold equipment. Specifically one of these items:

  • Golden helmet
  • Golden chestplate
  • Golden leggings
  • Golden boots

If you do not have one of the above pieces of armor equipped or feel like digging for gold, you can instead slay Piglins to get gold armor. Piglins will drop the armor they are wearing on death at a small chance, meaning you can simply farm them to get the armor you need to trade in a hurry.

You can trade with Piglins like normal. You can apply the Soul Speed enchantment manually at an anvil as with other types of enchantments, or just go on about your adventures if you only get enchanted boots.

We hope you are able to get the enchantment you need next time you hop into Minecraft! We have lots of other Minecraft guides, as well as comprehensive seed lists. Take a look at a few below:

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