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The first Minecraft 1.16 snapshots for the Nether Update have been released this month. They introduced three new nether biomes:

  • Soul Sand Valley
  • Crimson Forest
  • Warped Forest

These biomes are as dangerous as they sound, so if you like to challenge yourself in the netherworld of Minecraft, then this is the moment when you can be really excited.

In this month's selection of top Minecraft seeds you will find all of these new biomes and more great stuff from the previous updates as well.

Seed: -1071787771213530184

Coordinates: -50, 50
Biomes: Warped Forest

As you spawn, you can start building the nether portal right away. This will immediately transport you to the best of the three new nether biomes: the warped forest.

It is the best for building, as there are almost no hostile mobs except Endermen, which can be farmed for Ender Pearls.

Also, check out a savanna village not far from spawn at coordinates 200, -400.

Seed: -4177810914492659386

Coordinates: 50, 200
Biomes: Crimson Forest, Soul Sand Valley

This new Minecraft seed offers the other two nether biomes to explore: soul sand valley and crimson forest. Both of them are more dangerous than warped forest due to such hostile mobs like skeletons and ghasts.

If you go further to coordinates  -350, 300, you will arrive at a massive nether fortress hovering over a giant pit.

There you will encounter even more mobs, such as zombie pigmen and blazes, which can be farmed for some blaze powder.


Seed: 175088629290263

Coordinates: -200, 200
Biomes: Mesa, Extreme Hills

Spawn to the east of the border area between two biomes: mesa and hills. At coordinates -1300, 150 you will find an abandoned desert village that covers quite a large territory with buildings scattered over both biomes.

Right under the village you will discover an abandoned mineshaft and several dungeons with treasure chests.

Seed: -562975753900731696

Coordinates: -200, -50
Biomes: Jungle, Ice Plains

Spawn on the edge of the jungle biome near a desert temple at coordinates -300, 50. Then, turn east and go to coordinates 650, 50 for a plains village with blacksmith.

However, the main point of interest is located at coordinates -2100, 800. There is an exposed stronghold in the underground ravine that is quite easy to access from the surface level.


Seed: 178882732764519

Coordinates: -50, 250
Biomes: Jungle, Mesa, Desert

In this Minecraft seed you will find two desert temples that accommodate a thin margin that separates two massive biomes: jungle and mesa. You will find the temples at coordinates 1350, 1350 and 1800, 1200.

The latter one has an exposed mineshaft located nearby with railways and carts openly available for use.

Seed: 862301404303907

Coordinates: -150, 250
Biomes: Plains, Ocean

You will spawn on an ocean shore north of a survival island with a village at coordinates -450, 1250.

There is another smaller island near the main one and an ocean monument standing at coordinates -200, 1550.

Also, be sure to raid a few shipwrecks around the two islands for some extra loot.


Seed: 922542859956840808

Coordinates: 150, 250
Biomes: Plains, Forest, Taiga

Spawn in a taiga forest and go straight to coordinates 800, -350 for a first plains village. But don't stop there and move further to the east to coordinates 1100, -200 for a taiga village with blacksmith.

This second settlement stands just a hundred blocks away from a woodland mansion at coordinates 1500, -350, which rounds up this seed really nicely.

Seed: -961837036457489

Coordinates: 100, 250
Biomes: Plains, Ocean

New and exciting opportunities for survival open up in this island seed that spawns you really close to a village at coordinates 550, 250 that connects two small survival islands.

There are only four trees on both islands, but it should be enough. There is also a vast cropping of coral reef located to the west of village.


Seed: -692144143445259

Coordinates: -250, 250
Biomes: Plains, Forest

Finding a village is no big deal in Minecraft. Finding a double village is much harder, but finding three villages at once is almost impossible.

In this extremely rare seed you will find three villages standing next to each other at coordinates:

  1. -800, 50
  2. -650, -250
  3. -400, -250

The first one even has two blacksmiths, which is another unique feature of this amazing seed.

Seed: -369021672935035

Coordinates: 200, 250
Biomes: Desert

Spawn in a desert biome with a glitched village that merges several of its own buildings and a desert temple. You can find this unusual settlement at coordinates -850, -150.

If you get inside the temple, you will see entrance doors of the houses, and the buildings themselves are filled with temple blocks.

This can be a fun little exploration adventure for anyone who likes unpredictable seeds.

Seed: -642364015969201

Coordinates: 150, 200
Biomes: Plains, Ocean

You will spawn in the middle of the ocean on a tiny island. But your situation is not hopeless, as there are two island villages at coordinates 1050, -750 and -250, 1250.

Both villages are pretty big and occupy rather large islands that have trees and other resources. The latter one even has a small hill with some ores, so check them both out.

Seed: 536095411781766

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Ice Plains

Spawn right next to a snow village and an igloo that stand at coordinates 250, -150. The igloo has an underground treasure room with a chest full of gold.

But don't stop there and keep digging. Soon you will fall into an abandoned mineshaft, which covers an area of several hundred square blocks.

Seed: -423790459359619

Coordinates: -50, 50
Biomes: Plains, Forest Hills

Have you been looking for a village on a hill? Well, how about two villages at once?

In this seed you will find two villages on the hills at coordinates 50, -1000 and -150, -1000. The two settlements are divided only by a narrow river that flows into a large lake by the mountain.

There is no blacksmith in either of them, but you will find many other resources in this rich aerial.

Seed: 7058081213066623302

Coordinates: -200, -100
Biomes: Plains, Forest

Spawn on the border of a forest and a mushroom island. There are no structures close by, so you may have to travel a bit.

If you can manage to go as far as these coordinates -4350, -900, you will find something very unusual: an ocean monument trapped inside a small lake.

Usually ocean temples spawn deep in the ocean, but this one decided to spawn closer to the mainland.

Seed: -2761841487595642380

Coordinates: -250, 150
Biomes: Mesa

You will spawn on the ocean shore of a forest biome. Just across a small water channel to the west you will find a huge mesa biome.

At coordinates -850, -550 you will see an exposed mob spawner, which is a great source of mob farming.

Further to the west you will find a plains village at coordinates -1800, -200

Seed: 1081348070

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Ice Plains

Spawn right inside an igloo of a villager, which is a part of a small snow village. North of this settlement there are two more villages at coordinates -250, -500 and -750, -650.

Minecraft usually allows players to spawn only outside buildings, but this seed is a rare exception.

Seed: -7231893181922854559

Coordinates: 150, 250
Biomes: Ocean

If you're looking to build an underwater base, then there is no better opportunity than this seed.

At coordinates -2100, -4550 you will find an ocean temple with an exposed stronghold right underneath.

The mainland is pretty close as well, and at coordinates -2400, -4900 you will see a desert village and desert temple standing very close to each other.

Seed: 505716848024451612

Coordinates: 250, -50
Biomes: Mesa, Ice Plains

Pillager posts aren't that rare anymore, but this one stands almost at spawn at coordinates 300, 100. Also, it occupies an unusual territory between ice plains and mesa biomes.

If you walk across the mesa to the east, then at coordinates 1150, 1050 you will find a village standing between mesa and ordinary plains.

Seed: -935877912

Coordinates: -50, 100
Biomes: Mesa, Plains, Mushroom Island

Biome versatility is a great thing for any survival player. This Minecraft seed offers some of the rarest biomes combined right at spawn: mesa and mushroom island.

There is also a village very close, which is another convenience you can expect from this seed.

So start your survival game here and gain access to all the materials you will ever need.

Seed: -122417873163053

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Savanna, Mesa, Desert

Spawn in a location with an unusually high concentration of structures. For example, there are at least six villages and desert temples in a span of a thousand blocks.

However, the most exciting location can be seen at coordinates 1450, 1700. Here you will find a village, a top-tier shipwreck, and an ocean temple altogether.


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Published Feb. 28th 2020


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