What is Minecraft's bad omen, what does it do, and how do you get rid of it? Find out!

Minecraft: What is Bad Omen and How to Get Rid of It

What is Minecraft's bad omen, what does it do, and how do you get rid of it? Find out!
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What is the bad omen status effect in Minecraft? We’re about to find out!

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The bad omen status effect is a rather new addition to Minecraft, and it puts some extra pressure on players who just want to go about their day. Any challenge can be bested, including your bad omen.

Let’s go over how you can get this pesky new status, what it exactly does, and how you can get rid of your bad omen. You’re not cursed forever or even for the full 100-minute duration!

How You Can Get Bad Omen

I’m not saying you want a bad omen hanging over your head, but knowledge is power.

You get a bad omen from slaying a raid captain illager. You most often come across these in groups of illagers, and they are usually pillagers.

You can tell which illager in a group is the raid captain because it will have an ominous banner on its back it’s very obvious.

What Does Bad Omen Do? How Long Does it Last? 

You didn’t think you were done with the illagers, did you? It is an omen after all.

Bad omen lasts 1 hour and 40 minutes (100 minutes); you’ll spawn a raid if you enter a village while under its effect.

It can also be stacked. If you slay multiple raid captains, you may increase the potency of your bad omen. The higher the potency of your bad omen, the worse the raid spawn is going to be.

How to Get Rid of Bad Omen

They say calcium makes your bones strong, but in Minecraft, it keeps raiders at bay.

You can actually drink milk to remove bad omen, making cows that much more useful from here on. All you need is a bucket and either a cow or a mooshroom to get some milk.

You can actually use milk buckets to remove any status effect, which is something to keep in mind especially now with bad omen plaguing adventuring players.

Getting a bad omen is inconvenient, but it could be a lot worse.

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