Minecraft — Where to Find Sniffer Eggs

Find out how to find and hatch Sniffer Eggs using our guide for Minecraft 1.20.

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Where do Sniffers come from? Sniffer Eggs, of course! In the Minecraft Bedrock 1.20 update titled Trails & Tales, these unique mobs come with new mechanics to spawn them. It’s possible to spawn Sniffers from Sniffer Eggs, and later you can also breed them if you have two adults already hatched and grown. Out guide will show you where to find Minecraft Sniffer Eggs, as well as provide you tips on how to hatch them.

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How to Find Sniffer Eggs in Minecraft

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I was able to find my first Sniffer Egg in Suspicious Sand blocks in the warm ocean ruins. Actually, that’s the only place where you can find these eggs. You’ll also need a Brush tool to be able to safely extract the Sniffer Egg out of the suspicious block.

Note that Suspicious Sand can’t be mined with normal tools, such as a pickaxe. In that case, it’ll simply break apart without revealing its contents.

Where to Find Suspicious Sand

Suspicious Sand is a very rare type of block that can be found only in a handful of locations, including:

  • Buried Rooms
  • Desert Wells
  • Ocean Ruins
  • Trail Ruins

You can read more about the Suspicious Sand in our dedicated guide. But do note that Sniffer Eggs can be brushed out only from the blocks found in the warm ocean ruins. Other locations will have different artifacts instead of the eggs.

How to Hatch Sniffer Eggs in Minecraft

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Once you brush the Sniffer Egg out of the Suspicious Sand block, you’ll need to bring it to the surface and place it on top of a block for hatching. Note that if you place the Sniffer Egg on top of any block, the hatching will take up to 20 minutes in real time. But if you place it on top of a Moss Block, then the hatching will take only 10 minutes.

I was able to find lots of Moss Blocks in the lush caves biome, so that’s where you should be looking, too. No other actions are required except placing the Sniffer Egg on top of a block and waiting. The egg will hatch automatically into a Snifflet over time, who will grow into an adult Sniffer. Once you have two adult Sniffers, you can feed them Torchflower Seeds, and they’ll breed naturally.

That’s everything you need to know on where to find Sniffer Eggs in Minecraft. Stay tuned for more Minecraft tips and tricks articles right here.

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