Minecraft — Where to Find Sniffers

Follow our guide, if you want to know how to find Sniffers in Minecraft.

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Sniffer is a new type of passive mob in Minecraft 1.20 that sniffs decorative plants out of dirt and moss blocks. Sniffers don’t spawn in the world naturally, so you can’t really find them per se. But you can find Sniffer Eggs and hatch them. Our guide will show you where to find Sniffers in Minecraft once you have the eggs.

How to Find Sniffers in Minecraft

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Sniffers can be hatched only from Sniffer Eggs, which can be extracted from the Suspicious Sand blocks in the warm ocean ruins. This can only be done using the Brush tool on the Suspicious Sand blocks. They broke whenever I used any other tool for mining, even the ones enchanted with Silk Touch.

Find out more about the Suspicious Sand blocks by reading our dedicated guide. Please note that Sniffer Eggs can be brushed out only from the blocks found in the warm ocean ruins. If you try to brush the Suspicious Sand in any other location, such as the desert, then you won’t find Sniffer Eggs, but other artifacts, such as pottery sherds, emeralds, and sticks.

Once you have safely extracted the Sniffer Egg, follow these steps to get the Snifflet that grows into an adult Sniffer soon enough:

  1. Bring the Sniffer Egg onto the surface.
  2. Place the Sniffer Egg on top of any block (20 min. to hatch), or on top of a moss block (10 min. to hatch).
  3. Place the Sniffer on the dirt or moss blocks to start sniffing out the plants.

Once you have two adult Sniffers, you can feed them Torchflower Seeds, and they’ll start breeding naturally. That’s everything you need to know on where to find Sniffers in Minecraft. Stay tuned for more Minecraft tips and tricks articles right here.

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