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Mineko’s Night Market Cat Rescue: How to Save the Cats at the Gardens

Find out how to save all five cats from the Village Gardens in Mineko's Night Market using this step-by-step guide.

Village Gardens are full of valuable crafting materials in Mineko’s Night Market. But before you can get those treasures, you must save all five cats from captivity. Here, I’ll tell you exactly how to rescue cats in the gardens.

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How to Free All 5 Cats in the Village Gardens in Mineko’s Night Market

Secret agents with flashlights patrol the Village Gardens. Don’t get caught in their flashlights. It’s game over if you do. To complete this challenge, you must save the cats without getting caught. I found freeing the cats more challenging than I expected, and I was caught several times. Here’s how I saved all five cats to help you complete this section faster.

How to Save the First Cat in the Gardens

  1. Approach the garden entrance, but don’t go in just yet.
  2. Wait for the two agents at the entrance to face each other.
  3. Once their flashlights are directed at each other, run and dash right behind them into the garden.
  4. Turn right as soon as you safely enter the gardens.
  5. You’ll see two agents with the black cat inside a cage.
  6. Once they turn their flashlights away from the cage, run and dash to save the cat.
  7. You should also see a third agent reading a magazine.
  8. Once he drops the magazine on the ground, run and dash to grab the cat.

How to Rescue the Second Cat in the Gardens

  1. Head up north until you see three more agents who guard a second cat.
  2. You’ll see a radio nearby, so wait before all three agents look in the opposite direction.
  3. Run and dash to the radio and change the station to “Classic Rock.”
  4. Wait for the agents to fall asleep, and then liberate the cat.
Map of the Mineko's Night Market game.
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How to Liberate the Third Cat in the Gardens

  1. Continue heading up north until you reach a bridge with agents.
  2. The third cat can be seen on the other side of the bridge with a couple of agents.
  3. Wait for the first agent to turn away from the bridge so you can run across it.
  4. Save the cat and head back across the bridge.

How to Save the Fourth Cat in the Gardens

  1. Turn to the east and reach the fourth cat with a couple of agents.
  2. Wait for the agents to look in the opposite directions from the cage with the cat.
  3. Run and dash between the two agents to save the cat.
  4. Keep moving south from that position.

How to Rescue the Fifth Cat in the Gardens

  1. Once you reach the final cat, you’ll see that there’s only one agent constantly looking at the cage.
  2. You need to distract the agent, so put the magazine, which you picked up while saving the first cat, onto the tree stump near the cage.
  3. When the agent moves away from the cage, distracted by the magazine, save the fifth cat.

That’s how to save all 5 cats in the Village Gardens in Mineko’s Night Market. Stay tuned for more MNM tips and tricks articles right here.

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