Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Guide: Hammer Tips

Get ready to bash some skulls after reading my Hammer Tips for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

The Hammer in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate does one thing very well, break monster heads. It is simple to use, but difficult to master. The attacks can be slow, but you can stun and break parts of a monster’s head with ease. 

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Even though the controls are simple, mastering the charge mechanic and combos takes a while. I’ll help you get better with the Hammer by giving some tips that are not obvious at first. Please visit my Guide Directory for other weapon guides or anything else related to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

This guide will go over using the Hammer including:

  • Basic Controls – Basic on how the Hammer works.
  • Charging  – Details on the Charge mechanic.
  • Extra Tips – A few extra things to help master the Hammer.

Basic Controls

  • Pressing X does a slam attack.
    • The 3 X combo end with an upward swing that does great damage.
  • Pressing A does a side swipe.
    • This does less damage than the first X hit, but it is faster.
    • It can also be followed by the last 2 hits in the X combo.
  • Holding R starts the charge. There are 3 levels of charge.
    • Lv 1 – As soon as you hold R.
    • Lv 2 – When you glow the first time.
    • Lv 3 – When you glow a second time.


Besides bashing a monster’s face in with the normal X and A attacks, the main draw of this weapon is the charging and combos you can do with it. You can also move while charging, one of the most important parts of using this weapon.

  • Level 1 charge won’t be used much, focus more on 2 and 3.
  • Level 2 charge while standing still, does an uppercut.
    • You can follow this up with an X combo.
    • When you do this charge, the first hit will always be a side swipe, regardless of which button you press.
    • It ends with the last 2 hits of the X combo as long as you keep hitting X.
  • Level 2 charge while moving does the same thing, but also pushes you forward before doing it.
    • This is great for closing distance.
  • Level 3 Charge while standing still does a huge slam attack.
    • This does massive damage and has a big delay at the end, but you can evade to cancel the end animation.

  • Level 3 Charge while moving does a multiple hit swinging attack.
    • This spins your character, and the Hammer, around for a while.
    • You can press X within the first 1-3 hits to do an upward swing.
    • Press X during hits 4-6 to do a bigger version of it.

Most attacks let you go right into a charge after it. The first X hit does not.

Extra Tips

  • You can climb and jump off ledges while charging.
    • You can also do jump attacks at different charge levels.
  • You get super armor while doing the X combos.
    • If you start with X, it ends after the second hit.
    • If you start with A, you get it until the last move.
  • Although the charging does massive damage and looks cool, a simple X combo on a monster’s head is the best to do when they are downed.
    • The charging attacks don’t do as much damage overall to a downed monster as an X combo does.
  • Always aim for the head.
    • The best reason to use the hammer is the stun.
    • It is so easy to stun a monster by using the hammer, making it easy for you and everyone else to take advantage.
  • Be aware of your teammates when playing online.
    • Many of the big swings will send teammates flying.
  • Practice attacking to learn the distances of your attacks.
    • Most Hammer attacks are slow, and you can’t afford to miss the monster.
    • This also helps to know if your attack will hit a teammate or not.

That’s it for my Hammer tips. Don’t forget to check my Guide Directory for anything else related to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

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