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Monster Hunter Rise Best Dual Blades Build Guide

Take full advantage of Demon Mode with this Dual Blades build.

Monster Hunter Rise has a bunch of different weapons to choose from, depending on how you want to play. If you wish to get up close and personal or attack them from a distance, there’s a weapon for you. In this guide, we’ll show you the best Dual Blades build. 

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Best Dual Blades Build in Monster Hunter Rise 

Dual Blades are a very aggressive and fast-paced weapon. They have a short attack range, so you’ll constantly be close to the monster to attack. This means that you’ll have to dodge and evade often. This playstyle consumes a lot of Stamina, so you’ll have to keep track of it carefully. 

The Dual Blades also have a unique ability, Demon Mode. When this is activated, it’ll continuously drain your Stamina. However, your attack and speed will increase. Your dodge range will also increase, and you’ll resist knockback.  

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Best Weapon

The best weapon for this build is the Silver Slicers. They’re fast and deal great damage with an attack of 310. However, what makes them stand out is that they can pair with abilities like Blood Rite and Bloodblight to boost the health you gain. To forge the Silver Slicers, you’ll need:

  • Malzeno Pureplate ×6
  • Madness Parasite ×2
  • Primordial Bloodstone ×1
  • Malzeno Silverhorn ×3

Best Skills/ Switch Skills 

Dual Blades will drain your Stamina constantly since they’ll have you dodging and evading constantly. And since Demon Mode will also take all of your Stamina, we want to minimize this drawback as much as possible. This makes skills like Marathon Runner or Constitution the best option since they’ll lower the rate at which Stamina is consumed. 

As for Switch Skills, you’ll want to go with Feral Demon Mode. This is an upgraded version of the normal Demon Mode. The main difference is that it allows you to attack while dodging. This adds to the aggressive and fast-paced nature of the weapons. 

Best Armor 

For the Armor on this build, we’ll want pieces that have an Attack Boost, Critical Boost and Weakness Exploits. We also want to make sure we have plenty of Constitution to offset all the Stamina that this build consumes. Here’s a list of all the forging materials you need for this build:

Risen Kushala Glare

  • Lunagaron Frost Jewel ×1
  • Daora Cortex ×3
  • Daora Hardhorn ×2
  • Daora Risegem ×1

Primordial Mail

  • Velkhana Crystal ×1
  • Primordial Scale ×4
  • Malzeno Beautifang ×5
  • Primordial Tail ×2

Primordial Vambraces

  • Primordial Scale ×7
  • Malzeno Beautifang ×3
  • Primordial Bloodstone ×1
  • Malzeno Silverhorn ×3

Risen Kushala Cocoon

  • Daora Shard ×2
  • Daora Hardclaw ×3
  • Large Elder Dragon Gem ×1
  • Daora Risegem ×1

Primordial Greaves

  • Contrary Scale ×1
  • Malzeno Pureplate ×4
  • Malzeno Silverhorn ×2
  • Shining Shieldwing ×4

How to Use Dual Blades 

The goal of the Dual Blades is to get into Demon Mode as soon and as often as possible. However, the downside is managing your Stamina. With the Dual Blades, you must be up close and personal when fighting monsters. This means you’ll have to rely on evading and dodging a lot to not get hit. 

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It’s a very fast and aggressive weapon set. This means you’ll be performing a lot of fast combos. One of my favorite combos is using Double Slash multiple times. Although a simple tactic, it’s very effective. You can also start the combo with a Lunging Strike to close the distance. 

I recommend only using Demon Mode when the monster is toppled or stunned. Since it continuously consumes your Stamina, you don’t want to use it up by dodging. When you’re in Demon Mode, I like to use Double Slash, followed by Blade Dance, since it can also set you up for a mid-air combo. 

Best High Ranking Build 

For hunters who want to take on the strongest Monsters, you’ll need high-ranking gear. For this build, we want to go with the Night Wings. They have a high Affinity of 40% and an attack of 300 when fully upgraded. To forge them, you’ll need the following: 

  • Narga Medulla ×1
  • Rakna-Kadaki Sharpclaw ×3
  • Nargacuga+ Material ×15 pts

We’ll want pieces with skills like Attack Boost and Critical Eye for the armor to deal with the most damage during Demon Mode. Here’s a list of all the materials you’ll need to forge the armor: 

Kaiser Crown

  • Magna Soulprism ×2
  • Teostra Carapace ×5
  • Teostra Mane ×3
  • Teostra Horn+ ×1

Vaik Mail S

  • Dragonite Ore ×3
  • Speartuna ×1
  • Armored Bream ×1
  • Quality Fin ×2

Valstrax Braces

  • Teostra Powder ×2
  • Shimmering Scale ×6
  • Valstrax Claw+ ×2
  • Valstrax Spineshell ×2

Anjanath Coil S

  • Monster Hardbone ×2
  • Anjanath Pelt+ ×4
  • Anjanath Scale+ ×2
  • Anjanath Gem ×1

Ingot Greaves S

  • Dragonite Ore ×3
  • Monster Keenbone ×2
  • Gracium ×2
  • Fucium Ore ×2

As for the Talisman, we’ll want one with a Constitution or Marathon Runner skill to help with Stamina. This whole build is even more aggressive than the previous one. We’re going all out on damage. However, we still want to be cautious to make sure to dodge when necessary. 

That’s the best Dual Blades build in Monster Hunter Rise. If you’re looking for more Tips and tricks, check out our dedicated guides hub

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