Confused about how to capture in Monster Hunter Rise? Here's how to capture monsters and why you'd want to.

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Capture Monsters

Confused about how to capture in Monster Hunter Rise? Here's how to capture monsters and why you'd want to.

There is a lot to do in Monster Hunter Rise, but most of your time will be revolving around the task the series is named for. You don’t always want to kill them, though. Sometimes there’s a higher chance of certain part rewards if you capture them. Here’s how to capture monsters in Monster Hunter Rise.

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Monster Hunter Rise — Capture vs Kill

It’s important to know that capturing and slaying monsters come with their own benefits. One notable difference is that capturing will require a couple of additional item slots taken up.

What’s more substantial is that they both have different drop rates for certain monster parts. If you’re in need of a specific drop, it’s good to check your Hunter Notes to see which is the better solution.

How to Capture Monsters

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Capturing is a process that revolves around weakening a monster and using two item types – Traps and Tranq Items. Each comes with a couple of options:

  • Traps: Shock Trap and Pitfall Trap
  • Tranq Items: Tranq Bombs and Tranq Ammo

The Traps will both need to be crafted. Tranq Ammo will always be available from the merchant, while Tranq Bombs will require crafting until a certain point when the merchant offers them too.

Some monsters have unique reactions to specific traps, but in a general sense, the Pitfall trap will last longer at the expense of taking longer to set up. Both Tranq Bombs and Tranq Ammo only require two uses to result in a capture.

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While there isn’t a set procedure, the traps work for a limited time and the tranquilizers work at a decaying rate. Your priority should be attacking and tiring the monster out first.

While your Palico may claim a monster is ready to capture, don’t trust the dialogue. The only sure signal that a monster is ready for capture is that a blue icon flashes over its symbol on the minimap and on its icon on the top right of the screen.

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The standard strategy from this point is to trap the monster and then hit it in the face with two Tranqs. This works fine most of the time, although some issues can arise from them escaping a trap before the Tranq items are used or if they decide to leave the area before they’re trapped.

If you’re worried about that happening, you can use the Tranq items first and then try to goad them into a trap. This is also the preferred method if you find them in a new area sleeping since the Tranq items won’t wake them up and a trap can be then placed underneath them. Either way, do both steps soon after the other and you’ll be able to capture them.

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This is all you need to know about capturing in Monster Hunter Rise. If you want to practice before heading out on a quest, it’s worth retaking the training quest. For everything else, our Monster Hunter Rise Guides can help.

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