Vital to paralysis builds, Omnipalagia Sac is a relatively easy-to-farm mid-game material in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Find and Farm Omnipalagia Sac

Vital to paralysis builds, Omnipalagia Sac is a relatively easy-to-farm mid-game material in Monster Hunter Rise.
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If you’re building for Paralysis in Monster Hunter Rise, expect to be farming at least a few units of Omnipalagia Sac. Obtained only from Volvidon, it’s thankfully not a terrible chore to get. Whether you like the Volvidon fight is immaterial, though. He’s your only source of the material.

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How to Find and Farm Omnipalagia Sac in Monster Hunter Rise

Omnipalagia Sac is a High Rank-specific material, meaning Village quests are out if you want to get any of the stuff.

Omnipalagia Sac is a fairly common drop from High Rank Volvidon, with a 20% chance of being a reward per hunted monster. Capturing Volvidon is an even better option, as the Sac has a 22% chance of being a capture reward. Slaying the beast is still viable, as the material comes off in a carve 21% of the time.

There are no secret tricks to farming Omnipalagia Sac, but there is an optimal path.

  • First, set your Meowcenaries to hunt it whenever it comes up as an option in their menu.
  • Second, have the (Very) Hap-Peanut Daily Dango active, both of which increase your rewards at the end of a quest. The Very Hap-Peanut, which significantly increases reward chances, comes from the “Quartet of Horns” Yomogi quest, where you take out two Diablos. The lesser version, Hap-Peanut, is obtainable from the “Getting Back the Groceries” quest from Yomogi the Chef.
  • Third, and most importantly for farming Omnipalagia Sac, is to complete the Bowled Over Level 5 Gathering Hub quest. You face off against two Volvidon in this quest, doubling your total loot and chances at Omnipalagia Sac drops. The only prerequisite for this quest is to be Hunter Rank 4. Repeat this quest as many times as you need to, or until you can’t stand the quest anymore. Either is a worthwhile choice.

That’s about all there is to it when getting Omnipalagia Sacs. It’s a straightforward process that doesn’t demand too much of you or your team if you play with friends or matchmade randoms.

As with any High Rank monster, don’t get complacent, as carelessness will see you carted back to camp. Volvidon isn’t nearly as dangerous as any true endgame challenges, but a few mistakes could cost you.

We’ve covered other material farms in our Monster Hunter Rise guides hub, including how to get Fulgurbug, Wisplanterns, and Sharp Claw, among many others.

We’ve also discussed how to fight Rise’s flagship monster Mangamalo, who is difficult no matter when you fight him. The massive Sunbreak expansion is also on its way, so expect plenty of coverage when the hunt moves to Elgado.

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