Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Warm Pelt

Wondering how to get Warm Pelt in Monster Hunter Rise? This guide tells you what you need to know about finding it.

Wondering how to get Warm Pelt in Monster Hunter Rise? This guide tells you what you need to know about finding it.

You’ll need Warm Pelt for almost two dozen Low-Rank crafting recipes in Monster Hunter Rise. Thankfully, the crafting material is neither tough to farm nor in short supply. Two creatures drop it frequently, and both are non-aggressive with very low hit point values.

This Monster Hunter Rise guide tells you how to get Warm Pelt, including where to find the two monsters that drop it and the chances of it dropping. 

Where to Find Warm Pelt in Monster Hunter Rise

Two Small Monsters drop Warm Pelt: the deer-like Kelbi and ox-like Anteka. You’ll find them in the Shrine Ruins, Sandy Plains, and Flooded Forest. But they’re easiest to locate in the Ruins, on the hill behind the big gate near Area 8. Anteka live close to the default base camp, in the valley nearest the first red Spiritbird.

Focus on Kelbi if possible, as carving them has a 45% chance to give a Warm Pelt. Anteka only offer an 18% chance per carve, so getting them from colder climes will take more time for less reward.

Your Palico has an equal chance of picking up a Warm Pelt, so if you go on a murderous spree of Kelbi, your Felyne friend might have at least a few extra in their pockets.

Before you set out to farm Warm Pelt, make sure you ordered the Hap-Peanut Bunny Dango, which you get from the 4-star optional quest Getting Back the Groceries. Its buff increases the chance to receive additional rewards at the end of a quest.

To get the most out of your Warm Pelt farming, clear every area in the Shrine Ruins where Kelbi spawn, complete the Expedition through the menus (the third tab over, highlighted in yellow), and restart.

If you do additional farming for consumables, ingredients, and monsters, the Kelbi will likely have respawned, allowing you to continue carving Warm Pelt without needing to reload the level.

The same strategy works for the Anteka, so if you’re on the hunt for Icium, you’re likely to get plenty of both it and Warm Pelt.

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