Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Fur Scrap

Fur Scrap in Monster Hunter Rise is vital for some pieces of Buddy Equipment, but it takes some effort to find.

Monster Hunter Rise Fur Scraps are valuable little bundles you’ll need to forge certain Buddy Gear and Layered Armor sets. While they aren’t exactly rare, you’ll still need to track some lesser monsters and hope you get lucky with your carve drops.

This Monster Hunter Rise guide tells you everything you need to know about Fur Scrap and where to look, including the location of the monster you need to slay to trade for it.

How to Get Fur Scrap in Monster Hunter Rise

You won’t find Fur Scraps in the wild or from any particular monster. The Buddy Smithy is the only way to get Fur Scrap, and you can exchange a few different monster pieces to get them:

  • Warm Pelt
  • Bullfango Pelt
  • Gargwa Feather

The Bullfango and Gargwa pieces come from Bullfango and Gargwa, obviously, but Warm Pelt is a piece you can carve from Anteka and Kelbi.

All four monsters call Shrine Ruins their home, though your best bet is hunting and carving Bullfango. The Bullfango Pelt carve drop rate is 60%. Gargwa Feather is a rare drop, and you only have a 40% chance of getting Warm Pelt off a Kelbi.

Once you have your items, take them back to the Buddy Smithy, and find Fur Scrap under the Exchange menu.

Where to Find Bullfango in Monster Hunter Rise

Bullfango tend to hang around in Sector 9 of the Shrine Ruins map, though you can also find them in Sectors 3 and 10 of the Flooded Forest map. Like all non-quest monsters, Bullfango are weak and should take little effort to defeat.

What is Fur Scrap for in Monster Hunter Rise?

Fur Scrap is used in these equipment recipes, and each takes just one unit of Fur Scrap:

  • F Fish Stick 
  • F Gargwa Mask 
  • F Gargwa Vest
  • F Popo Head
  • F Popo Wear
  • F Paw Punch

You’ll also need it for some Layered Armor sets:

  • Ammy Costume Body and Head (2 each)
  • Canyne Tails Wear and Cap (1 each)
  • Sonic Costume Body and Head (2 each)

That’s all you need to know about how to get Fur Scrap in Monster Hunter Rise, but make sure to check out our other Monster Hunter Rise guides for more tips and tricks.


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Published Jan. 17th 2022

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