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Monster Hunter Rise Insect Glaive Build Guide

Make tho most out of your Kinsect companion with this Insect Glaive build

Monster Hunter Rise has a bunch of different weapons to choose from, depending on how you want to play. Whether you want to get up close and personal or attack them from a distance, there’s a weapon for you. In this guide, we’ll show you the best Insect Glaive build in Monster Hunter Rise. 

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Best Insect Glaive Build in Monster Hunter Rise 

If you want a weapon that excels in mobility and speed, the Insect Glaive is what you’re looking for. It’s excellent for evading oncoming attacks and dishing out damage afterward. However, what makes it stand out is the Kinsect mechanic. Every weapon in this class comes with a little bug buddy to help you in battle. 

You can launch your Kinsect companion, and depending on which part of the monster it hits, it’ll “harvest” extracts that’ll give you various buffs. For instance, some will buff your attack while others will boost your speed. This allows excellent versatility in the heat of battle, allowing you to boost whatever you’re lacking in that moment. 

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Best Weapon 

Unlike other weapon builds, the Insect Glaive can be interchanged easily depending on the elemental Weakness of the monster you’ll be hunting. However, for this build, we’ll be going for the Eventide Kazanagi+. It has a base attack of 320 and 15% in Affinity. While this has a Water element, the Affinity is an excellent addition if you don’t have another Insect Glaive with the component that has an advantage on a monster. To forge the Eventide Kazanagi+, you’ll need: 

  • Afflicted Scale ×5
  • MR Mizutsune Material ×30 pts
  • Afflicted Claw ×5

​​Best Skills/ Switch Skills

We’ll want to focus on dealing lots of damage with elemental attacks for this build. The primary skills we’ll use for this build are Attack Boost, Element Damage, and Weakness Exploit. Since we have good Affinity with the weapon, we can also throw in a few decorations that add Critical Boost as well. These skills will ensure you hit hard every time you land an attack.

As for the Switch Skill, we’ll be going with Awakened Kinsect Attack. This will launch a Kinsect and deal massive damage depending on your current number of extracts. After you launch the Kinsect, you’ll use a Wirebug to close the distance while absorbing extract and doing an extra attack simultaneously. This adds lots of versatility since it deals damage and gives you buffs at the same time. 

Best Armor 

For the armor, we’ll want pieces that give you the skills we want, like Weakness exploit and Critical Boost, and then equipping Decorations that add the Attack Boosts. Here’s a list of all the forging materials you need for this build:

Risen Kaiser Horns

  • Hellfire Shard ×3
  • Teostra Hardhorn ×2
  • Rathalos Mantle ×1
  • Teostra Risegem ×1

Primordial Mail

  • Malzeno Beautifang ×5
  • Primordial Scale ×4
  • Primordial Tail ×2
  • Velkhana Crystal ×1

Primordial Vambraces

  • Primordial Scale ×7
  • Malzeno Beautifang ×3
  • Malzeno Silverhorn ×3
  • Primordial Bloodstone ×1

Sinister Grudge Tassets

  • Begrudged Rancorscale ×4
  • Glittering Shell ×3
  • Surging Armblade ×2
  • Magnamalo Tail+ ×1

Tempest Hakama

  • ​​Amatsu Cortex ×6
  • Amatsu Membrane ×4
  • Large Wyvern Gem ×3
  • Amatsu Stormtail ×2

Along with armor, you can also equip a talisman. These don’t add any additional defense. However, they do add an extra skill. What makes them tricky is that it’s random what skills you get when you craft one. However, we’ll want one with Weakness Exploit to save room for more Attack Boosts. 

How to Use Insect Glaive 

The Insect Glaive is all about speed and mobility while in the air. It’s one of the few weapons that does well in aerial combat. My favorite combo to pull off is using the Awakened Kinsect Attack to launch myself into the air, extracting a buff from the monster, dealing massive damage, and then finishing it off with a Vaulting Dance in the air. 

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Another combo I like when fighting a group of more miniature monsters is Rising Slash and Wide Sweep. I recommend using these two when you want to avoid swinging around the air. 

Of course, you’ll want to utilize the Kinsect mechanic to gain different buffs from the monsters. This is easiest when fighting a larger monster since it’s a bigger target to aim at. 

Best High Rank Build

You’ll need high-ranking gear for you hunters who want to go to the next level and hunt the strongest monsters. We’ll go with the Evening Calm for the weapon since it has an affinity percentage of 40. Here are the materials to forge it:

  • Narga Medulla ×1
  • Rakna-Kadaki Sharpclaw ×2
  • Nargacuga+ Material ×15 pts

For this build, we’ll need to remember elemental Weakness and focus solely on Attack Boost skills and Critical Boost. This will make sure you’re dealing the most damage as you’re zipping around monsters. Here are all the materials you’ll need to forge the best pieces of armor:

Kaiser Crown

  • Teostra Carapace ×5
  • Teostra Mane ×3
  • Magna Soulprism ×2
  • Teostra Horn+ ×1

Vaik Mail S

  • Dragonite Ore ×3
  • Quality Fin ×2
  • Speartuna ×1
  • Armored Bream ×1

Rathalos Braces S

  • Rathalos Scale+ ×4
  • Inferno Sac ×3
  • Uroktor Scale+ ×2
  • Rath Wingtalon+ ×1

Anjanath Coil S

  • Anjanath Pelt+ ×4
  • Monster Hardbone ×2
  • Anjanath Scale+ ×2
  • Anjanath Gem ×1

Hunter’s Greaves S

  • High-quality Pelt ×2
  • Twisted Rockbone ×2

We’ll want to keep one that has Weakness Exploit for the Talisman just to deal the extra bit of damage. Like before, we’ll also want our decorations to have Attack Boost. This build will ensure you’ll be dishing out the most damage while zipping around and evading attacks. 

That’s the best Insect Glaive build in Monster Hunter Rise. If you’re looking for more guides, check out our dedicated guides hub.

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