As one of the most common materials in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, Eltalite Ore is something you'll need a lot of. Here's how to farm it.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to Farm Eltalite Ore

As one of the most common materials in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, Eltalite Ore is something you'll need a lot of. Here's how to farm it.

Eltalite Ore is one of the most common ore materials in all of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, available from Mining Outcrops in every location. You’ll need it for the starting node in most Ore-based weapon trees and several early-game armor sets. It has other uses down the line, as well.

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Farming Eltalite Ore is simple and takes place in the Shrine Ruins like some other farms we’ve discussed elsewhere.

Sunbreak Eltalite Ore Farming Tips

As common as Eltalite Ore is, you’ll still need to pick the right location to farm it: somewhere with an abundance of easy-to-find Mining Outcrops early in the game. The Shrine Ruins offers both. The ore comes from blue and silver Outcrops, so there’s no reason to focus on one type.

Your optimal farming path takes you from the southern camp directly north, past the first blue Outcrop to Zone 5 and the mountains, where another outcrop sits in a corner near the peak.

You’ll then head into the mountains and gather from the five silver Outcrops in Zones 5, 6, and 8. From there, go north to Zones 13, 12, and 11 for the last three blue Outcrops. Travel back to camp, and everything should be respawned.

The best later game location to farm for Elatite Ore, by far, is the Lava Caverns. The volume of Mining Outcrops is immense, and you’ll be able to gather Allfire Stone as well. Follow our Allfire Stone guide for a detailed farming path.

In short, go north until you reach a large hole in the ground, then continue north and east until you reach a hidden cavern in the top-right of the map. The large, lava-lit space has three blue Outcrops and three Silver outcrops.

Other locations in Sunbreak have Mining Outcrops, but neither the Jungle nor the Citadel is great for farming Eltalite Ore, as they don’t have many gathering points generally, Outcrops included. Stick to the base game areas, as bored of them as you may be.

No matter how you choose to farm Eltalite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, expect to have several metric tons of it in just a few hours of gameplay whether you decide to farm it or not. There are other materials you will want to spend time farming, including Awegite, Monster Slogbone, Twisted Stiffbone, and more. Check our Rise guides hub for plenty more in the days and weeks to come.

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