Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Where to Find Allfire Stone

Allfire Stone is a required material for some of the higher-level gear in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. Here's how to find it.

The farther you progress in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, the more materials you need to keep track of, and Allfire Stone is one of the final ore types you’ll collect. Used in both early and late-game equipment, you’ll want to stock up on the material whenever you can. Here's how to find and farm it.

How to Get Allfire Stone in Sunbreak

To start gathering Allfire Stone, you need access to the Lava Caverns, which you unlock after completing the Master Rank 4 upgrade quest Howling Moon. Allfire Stone is an uncommon drop from blue Mining Outcrops, and there are many of them on the lower level of the Caverns.

The silver Mining Outcrops have a slightly higher chance of awarding Allfire Stone, but the chance isn’t high enough to justify going out of your way. The path outlined below will see you gathering from eight blue points, which is liable to award at least twelve of the Stone.

How to Farm Allfire Stone

Starting from the southernmost camp, head to Zone 4 and hop onto the rocks. Gathering from the one blue outcrop here, then go to Zone 5 and collect the two there. A huge hole leading down into the lower tunnels is north of the two outcrops.

In the lower level, gather from the one Outcrop in Zone 10, then make your way north to the two blue outcrops in Zone 11. At the north of Zone 11 is a small hole in the rock wall.

Beyond it is a single blue outcrop and an opening on the southern wall. It’s a little tricky to get to, but Wiredashing directly upward and you should make it in.

In the large, lava-lit cavern beyond is a final pair of outcrops, one blue and one silver. There are other silver’s in the cavern, but they take some precise platforming, and you’re better off starting the farm again back at camp.

Like Awegite and Twisted Stiffbone, you’ll only find Allfire Stone in one location, the Lava Caverns. Hundreds of other materials are available in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, and we’ll be covering more of them with launch behind us. Our Rise guides hub is bound to grow by leaps and bounds, so keep it handy.


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Published Jul. 14th 2022

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