Gather Godbugs for some of the best buffs in Monster Hunter Rise and Sunbreak using the steps in this guide.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to Find and Farm Godbugs

Gather Godbugs for some of the best buffs in Monster Hunter Rise and Sunbreak using the steps in this guide.
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Godbugs are another important ingredient for making buffs in Monster Hunter Rise and Sunbreak. They’re a bit harder to find than other insects, so farming them takes extra work, but you’ll be happy to have a whole stack of them, so you never run out of the powerful consumables you can make with them.

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This guide will show you where to find Godbugs and a great place to farm them. 

Where to Find and Farm Godbugs in Monster Hunter Rise and Sunbreak

Unlike most insects, Godbugs don’t appear on every map in either base Rise or Sunbreak. They’re entirely absent from the Frost Islands, for instance, and there are only two on the Sandy Plains. The Jungle has six of them, but collecting them efficiently is tricky. The same is true of the Flooded Forest, which, while having the most Godbugs early on, is somewhat confusing to navigate.

Your best location for farming Godbugs is the Shrine Ruins.

Start by heading north from camp until you reach Zone 7 and collect the Godbug on the fence on the left side of the doorway. Make your way west and into the mountain path. There will be a dead-end alley to your right. Another Godbug rests at the end.

Travel into the mountains proper and to the northwesternmost peaks. From there, go southwest onto one of the lower platforms. The last mountain Godbug sits near a Bonepile and Mining Outcrop.

With all the mountain Godbugs gathered, you can go north toward Zone 13, then circle to the archway east of Zone 10. If some of the mountain bugs aren’t respawned by this point, head all the way north to Zone 12. Things should start to respawn at that point, and you can start the cycle again.

Make sure you use the Argosy to supplement your Godbug farming by having at least one of your Submarine slots passively gathering them for you.

If you don’t have all three Subs available, check out our guides to Cultural Exchange and Economic Stimulation. By the time you reach Sunbreak or midway through the base game’s campaign, the Argosy should be your main source of Godbugs and any other valuable material.

And that’s that on Godbugs. We’ve covered plenty of other farms in Rise and Sunbreak, including materials like Awegite, Monster Slogbone, and Twisted Stiffbone, so check out those guides next. Our Rise guides hub will also be adding new info in the coming days and weeks following Sunbreak’s launch.

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