Monster Hunter Rise: Cultural Exchange Quest Guide

Where to get the Boatshells and Wisplanterns you need to complete Cultural Exchange in Monster Hunter Rise.

You'll have to complete the Cultural Exchange side quest to gain yourself a second submarine at the Argosy in Monster Hunter Rise.

By the end of the game, you'll want to have a total of three submarines, passively generating materials for crafting. The catch is that you need to complete two Request missions from Rondine the Trader.

This guide covers how to complete the first quest, Cultural Exchange, including where to get the required Wisplanterns and Boatshells to complete it.

How to Complete the Cultural Exchange Quest in Monster Hunter Rise

You'll be introduced to Rondine the Trader and the Argosy early in your Rise experience, and you'll only have access to a single submarine.

Speaking to her as you progress through the initial campaign will eventually have her request you complete the Cultural Exchange quest. There are two requirements: collect three Wisplanterns and collect three Boatshells.

How to find Wisplanterns in Monster Hunter Rise

We covered how to get Wisplanterns in a previous guide, but the short version is, go to the Shrine Ruins and look for the Shining Red Berry gathering points scattered about the level.

You'll only need to visit one or two Red Berry points, as you get multiple Wisplanterns per gather.

How to find Boatshells in Monster Hunter Rise

To find Boatshells, head to the Frost Islands. You're looking for the Oyster Bed gathering points throughout the level.

There's one not far from the default camp, but gathering from at most any two of them will be enough to get the three Boatshells you need.

Once you have the Boatshells and Wisplanterns, head back to Rondine the Trader and complete the request. You'll immediately have access to your second submarine and double the amount of passive farming you can do.

We recommend having Honey in one sub and either Might or Adamant Seeds in the other, but whatever you need at any given time is good. One sub slot fills up every quest you complete, so do multiple quests before picking up your materials.

We've covered how to get other materials in Monster Hunter Rise in our guides hub, including Fulgurbug, Dragonite Ore, Gracium Ore, and many others. When the Sunbreak expansion releases, expect even more.


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Published May. 30th 2022

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