Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Fulgurbug

Fulgarbug is an essential material for Thunder-elemental builds in Monster Hunter Rise. Here's how to get it.

Fulgurbug is used in a handful of weapon and weapon recipes in Monster Hunter Rise, and getting them isn't a walk in the park. You'll have to farm everyone's favorite electric boy to get your hands on these bugs, but there is a trick to it to make it easier.

How to Get Fulgurbug in Monster Hunter Rise

There's a chance for Zinogre to drop Fulgurbugs when you break his parts. There’s also a slight chance of receiving Fulgarbug at the end of a hunt as a reward for completing the quest.

The chance of getting a Fulgarbug depends on the rank of the Zinogre you’re hunting.

A Low Rank Zinogre, either from the Village or Hub, has a 17% chance of rewarding Fulgurbug and a 20% chance of dropping it as an in-hunt material.

High Rank Zinogre has decreased drop rates for all materials the two Ranks share. There’s a 12% chance of receiving a Fulgurbug at the end of a High Rank quest and a 15% chance that it drops them.

There is, however, another way to farm Fulgurbugs within a hunt unique to Monster Hunter Rise. If you put Zinogre to sleep or otherwise have access to its back, you can gather from the monster rather than needing to kill it. While the beast slumbers, you’ll be able to pull four or five Fulgarbugs from its fur.

Doing so does not reduce the amount you can get from drops or rewards, so if you absolutely positively must have every single Fulgurbug you can get, put the thunder puppy to sleep before you put him in the ground.

You can also boost your end-of-quest rewards using the (Very) Hap-Peanut Dango. Yomogi the Chef will occasionally ask you to complete quests for her.

The level 4 Village quest “Getting Back the Groceries” awards the Hap-Peanut, which sometimes increases rewards. The level 7 quest “A Quartet of Horns,” which has you hunting a pair of High Rank Diablos, awards the Very Hap-Peanut Dango, which often increases rewards.

As Daily Dango, these won’t always be available, but when they are, be sure to use a Dango Ticket to ensure the effect activates. We cover other material drops in our Monster Hunter Rise guides hub, like how to get Warm Pelt, Kamura Tickets, Sinister Cloth, and more. With the Sunbreak expansion on the horizon, expect plenty more from us in the future.


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Published May. 27th 2022

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