Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Sinister Cloth

There's only one way to get the rare Sinister Cloth material in Monster Hunter Rise. Here's how.

In Monster Hunter Rise, Sinister Cloth is an important material for crafting a variety of weapons and armor for your character, Palamutes, and Palicos. This material is used for, among other things, the Felyne and Cayne Death Stench armor sets and the Cawscythe.

This Monster Hunter Rise guide will tell you how to get the Sinister Cloth crafting material from Meowcenaries expeditions, as well as how to increase your chances of getting it.

Where to Find Sinister Cloth in Monster Hunter Rise

The first thing you should do to find Sinister Cloth is to go to Kamura Village's Buddy Plaza and talk to Felyne Chief Kogarashi, who’s in charge of the Meowcenaries. After speaking to them, you can send the Meowcenaries to various scout locations in the Monster Hunter Rise world, such as:

  • Shrine Ruins
  • Frost Islands
  • Sandy Plains
  • Flooded Forest
  • Lava Caverns

Some of these locations, including Shrine Ruins, Frost Islands, Sandy Plains, and Flooded Forest, have a blue sparkle next to their location names. That means there is a chance for your Meowcenaries to pick up the Sinister Cloth crafting material from that location. 

If you have extra Palamutes and Palicos, you can send them on Meowcenaries trips to retrieve the Sinister Cloth material for you. To get more animal companions, be sure to visit Iori, who is in the stall to the left of Kogarashi. 

Within each area mentioned above are several routes, and each route icon has a green or red outline around it. Additionally, some icons have blue sparkles in them. Pick the routes that have the blue sparkles for a chance to get rare materials, such as Sinister Cloth. After picking the route, assign your four Meowcenaries to it, and send them off to find Sinister Cloth by confirming their departure by spending points. 

You can increase the chance of getting rare items like Sinister Cloth if you use a Lagniapple to entice the Meowcenaries to work harder. You can find Lagniapples by completing optional sub-quests that list them as a reward, or you can find them out while foraging in the wild, though the chances of finding them foraging are lower.

After sending the Meowcenaries out, it will typically take a few hunts (even 4-5 hunts) for them to return, but it's good to go to Buddy Plaza after every hunt to check in. Since the chance of getting Sinister Cloth is completely random, the Meowcenaries will sometimes come back empty-handed. 

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That’s how you find Sinister Cloth in Monster Hunter Rise. Once you find 5x pieces of Sinister Cloth, you can craft the Cayne Death Stench armor, though you will also need a number of other materials as well. For more on the latest Monster Hunter, consider heading over to our tips page!


Published Jan. 17th 2022

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