Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Dragonite Ore

Here's ow to get Dragonite Ore for your crafting endeavors in Monster Hunter Rise.

Dragonite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise is in a bit of a weird spot between Low Rank and High Rank, with the material being used in both LR and HR armors as well as, of course, weapons through the weapon tree.

Being that Dragonite Ore is a Low Rank-High Rank oddity, your options to get it are just a tiny bit more diverse than most others.

How to Get Dragonite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise

Though it's mostly used in High Rank armors, you can still mine for Dragonite Ore in one key Low Rank map in Monster Hunter Rise.

Dragonite Ore can be found in the Lava Caverns on Low Rank quests. This is something to keep in mind when you head in there before High Rank. Mine what you can before you reach High Rank to save yourself some time if you can.

Otherwise, Dragonite Ore can be found on every map in High Rank. You just need to hit mining outcrops and try your luck.

If you're not sure where mining outcrops are in each map, head into one and open the Detailed Map to see exactly where each outcrop is and make your way to them to mine and see if you can get yourself some Dragonite Ore from them.

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Published May. 20th 2022

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