Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to Finish Melding Fast for More Talismans

Get your hands on as many Talismans as you need in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak with this guide to fast and easy Melding.

Get your hands on as many Talismans as you need in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak with this guide to fast and easy Melding.

Having the right Talisman for your build in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak won’t make or break your setup, but it does make optimizing a build much easier. That’s why melding is so important.

The hard part is getting the right Talismans, as you’re relying almost entirely on RNG to find one that’s even passable. Worse, each Melding takes a quest to complete, and if you’re spending 20 minutes or more on some of the harder quests, you’re not getting them quickly or efficiently.

How to Meld Faster in Sunbreak

The best way to finish any melding quickly is to do a Village quest, especially the three-star Village quests and below. Even early in your High-Rank climb before Sunbreak, especially once you have some Master Rank gear equipped, the lower-level Village monsters will die in about a minute. Less if you’re efficient with your damage.

To make the farm even more efficient, you need to cut out as much loading time as possible, so be sure to skip the hunt-ending cutscene by hanging from a Wirebug when the ending timer runs down.

Once you complete the quest and return to Kamura, go back to another one. Do this as many times as you need to complete your Melding Pots, then repeat the process again and again.

Be mindful of how many Kamura Points you have, as high-end Melding can cost 1,000 points per use, meaning a complete set of pots is 10,000 Kamura points at a stretch. Farming those is another guide entirely.

The Best Village Quest to Farm Talismans

The best Village quest to farm Talismans depends on what materials you need for weapons, armor, or other crafting. However, our recommendation, without substitution, is Faceless Foe, the three-star quest where you hunt a Khezu. With mid-game Master Rank gear, the whole quest took me about 75 seconds from loading into the level to the monster kill. Accounting for loading screens and the quest-end timer, the process was about three minutes.

The main reason for hunting Khezu is collecting its Pale Extract, a key ingredient in making Mega Demondrug and Mega Armorskin. Pale Extract only comes from Khezu and occasionally as a Rare Find in stacks of up to 10 at the Argosy.

It’s not advisable to spend the 5,000 Kamura Points at the Argosy for 10 Pale Extract unless you know you can get it back quickly or as part of another farm.

Follow these simple steps, and you’ll finish your Melding Pots in no time. You can, of course, use regular quests during story progression to fill your Melding Pots, but if your goal is as many Talismans as fast as possible, the method presented here is the way. We’ve covered plenty of other Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak topics here already, including how Follower quests work, how to increase your Master Rank fast, and more. Check our Rise guides hub for more.

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