Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to Find and Farm Pale Extract

Pale Extract is a key component for endgame buffs in Monster Hunter Rise and Sunbreak. Here's how to farm it easily and efficiently.

Pale Extract is one of the more important monster materials in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. It's primarily an ingredient in Mega Demondrug and Mega Armorskin. Like most materials that serve a purpose in the endgame, it's also not the easiest to come by.

Pale Extract comes from two sources: a Rare Find at the Argosy for 500 Kamura points per unit in stacks of 10 and a drop from Khezu. You're much better off getting it from Khezu, especially early on, as 5,000 Kamura points for only 10 units of Pale Extract is a steep price unless you're desperate.

The Best Way to Farm Pale Extract in Sunbreak

Your best bet to farm Pale Extract is to hunt as many Khezu as you can as fast as possible. To do that, complete the three-star Village quest, the Faceless Foe, which pits you against the game's easiest possible version of Khezu.

The Village version of Khezu only has a few attacks and minimal health, meaning even unoptimal runs will only take about three minutes or so from when you load in to the quest and when you see the rewards screen.

Here are all of Village Khezu's attacks:

  • Neck extension: Khezu extends his neck a short or a long distance, wiggles it about, then retracts it. This attack is mostly in front of the monster, so stand to his side to avoid it.
  • Tail spin: Khezu briefly winds up, then spins around, whipping its tail the whole way. Khezu's tail is stumpy, so dodging backward will keep it from hitting you. But don't try to dodge through it as the hitbox lingers for the full 360 degrees.
  • Forward lunge: As the name suggests, Khezu winds up and then lunges forward a short distance. This attack knocks you into the air, so be careful of being stunned.
  • Lunge into electrical field: Khezu lunges forward. When it stops, it emits a field of electricity around its body. Being hit by the attack applies Thunderblight and can easily stun you.
  • Electrical ball spit: Khezu pulls its head back, then spits out three small balls of electricity in a thin arc in front of it. These also deal knockback and apply Thunderblight, so be careful.
  • Hanging electrical balls: If you're in a cavern, Khezu can latch onto the cave's roof, begging spitting balls of electricity down onto you. In the Village quest, these don't have very good tracking, and unless you're using a ranged weapon, you can wait out this attack until he inevitably comes back down.

Break as many of Khezu's parts as you can without killing it, and be sure to carve its body for more Pale Extract. There's a chance your quest rewards won't contain any of the stuff, but this farm is fast enough that it almost doesn't matter. We'll be covering tons of other Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak content in the coming days and weeks, so be sure to follow our Rise guides hub for more. In the meantime, check out our guides on Follower Quests, Elgado Tickets, and increasing your Master Rank fast.


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Published Jul. 14th 2022

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